Comments for First Look: Season of the Force ushers in new age for Tomorrowland, and a precursor to Disneyland’s Star Wars expansion


  1. Nachtwulf

    I’m kind of amused (albeit not surprised) by “…prop, spaceship, and costume replicas from the original trilogy and “The Force Awakens”…” . Prequels? What prequels. I don’t remember any prequels….

    Either that or there was so much CGI they didn’t have anything worthwhile to put in. But I’m guessing it’s more a case of gently disavowing their terribleness.

  2. James Chupa-Pinga

    The specific Star Wars universe your talking about is the Poronga-centric revoltuion. They speak about how the galactic senate fought wars in the culo cagado universe. It’s a quite magnificent read and I hight recommend it. Thanks to Mierda Én Orto for the heads up.

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