PHOTOS: Special hidden Mickey makes annual appearance on his birthday at Walt Disney World

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Hidden Mickey’s have become very popular throughout the Walt Disney World Resort over the past decade. Typically formed with three circles (one for the head and two smaller ones for ears), these “Mickey’s” are hidden all around the parks and even in the resort hotels.

One of the best only appears for a few minutes each year. It is amazingly unique in that it can only be seen on November 18th at exactly noon. Most Disney enthusiasts know this date to be Mickey’s birthday. The Imagineers decided to pay tribute to the famous mouse over at the relatively new Under the Sea attraction in the Magic Kingdom. They carved part of the rock formation in the queue to allow the sun to shine through onto the base of a wall. The sun’s rays are at the perfect angle on this day at noon to form Mickey’s head.

Today’s weather was questionable, as the sun kept peaking behind the clouds. But, as if Disney was directing the show, the sun appeared just a few minutes before noon and Mickey’s head was displayed from about 11:58 until around 12:03. Like a Groundhog Day for Disney fans, this “event” is growing in popularity. There were about 20-25 enthusiastic fans who were specifically there to witness this year’s “appearance.”








 Special thanks to WDW Guided Tours for the pictures.


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