Comments for New “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” attraction announced for Universal Orlando to replace Twister


  1. EricJ

    I thought they stopped giving discounts if you asked for Babs! (Or was that the Hollywood one?)

  2. s-w

    I’m just glad the lame twister attraction’s closing but I don’t know about this

  3. Caitlynn

    I know we have no idea what type of ride this is going to be, but it sounds like another simulator attraction. I would love to see them do something different for a change. Still a little indecisive about this attraction.

    1. Andres

      They did say it was going to be a 4-D ride with smoke and water. I don’t know how I feel on this though. It’ll be something new and odd, so at this point, they’re doing some trial and error. I’m not sure if I’m really excited, but anything is better than Twister.

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