Comments for New “Star Wars Battlefront” video game launch trailer features Han Solo, Leia, Boba Fett


  1. Reagan Greer

    I love how boba fett looked at the Sarlac pit and said won’t happen again

    1. Plus I am a huge fan of this channel in my spare time I check here for the news and if you do awnser what are your thoughts on the jimmy Fallon ride I’m not to exited but it may be good I have to give them a chance

  2. The game look amazing. However, after it’s release, I have heard that is was kind of a let down. I’d love to hear what others have thought!

  3. It is a great game. I already played it 3 times. When this trailer released i was so excited to play it then. all new version of Star Wars Battlefront are really good.

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