New “Star Wars Battlefront” video game launch trailer features Han Solo, Leia, Boba Fett

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Another eagerly-anticipated “Star Wars” trailer was released Tuesday, this by Electronic Arts for their upcoming “Star Wars Battlefront” video game.

Bursting with photo-realistic environments from planets in a galaxy far, far away including Hoth, Endor and Tatooine, it’s the mishmash of characters and their fighting abilities that will make the multiplayer game a unique playing experience.

And yes, this one clearly features Luke Skywalker, this time locked in a duel with Emperor Palpatine, as well as Han Solo, who tries his luck with Darth Vader (again). We also see bounty hunter Boba Fett attempting to ambush Princess Leia and some Rebel soldiers before he almost carelessly falls into the Sarlacc Pit (again).

The game will be released on all current next-gen consoles and PC on Nov. 17.


  1. Reagan Greer

    I love how boba fett looked at the Sarlac pit and said won’t happen again

    1. Plus I am a huge fan of this channel in my spare time I check here for the news and if you do awnser what are your thoughts on the jimmy Fallon ride I’m not to exited but it may be good I have to give them a chance

  2. The game look amazing. However, after it’s release, I have heard that is was kind of a let down. I’d love to hear what others have thought!

  3. It is a great game. I already played it 3 times. When this trailer released i was so excited to play it then. all new version of Star Wars Battlefront are really good.

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