First look at the new MagicBand "On Demand" system at Walt Disney World - Inside the Magic

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  1. Kerin

    do you have phone cases for the iPhone 6 plus ?

    1. kevin


  2. Jean Filipiak

    Thank you for posting! Is there somewhere we can look to figure out which phone cases are available? Thank you.

  3. Jenn

    If we already have a Disney magicband, can we customize those?

    1. kevin


  4. diana

    are there cases available for windows 1020 or the samsung edge?

  5. Max

    Is there someplace online where we can see the current design options?

    What’s the difference between customization and personalization?

  6. Neat, I hope they add it into more stores.

  7. Katrina

    If you already have your magic band how much is it to have an image on it?!

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