First look at the new MagicBand “On Demand” system at Walt Disney World

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Last week Disney announced that a new “On Demand” MagicBand system would be coming to Walt Disney World and this past Friday the first location opened at Magic Kingdom.

With “MagicBand on Demand”, Disney customers can now make a customized and personalized MagicBand, choosing between a plethora of different designs and colors.


The first location is housed inside the Space Mountain exit gift shop, Tomorrowland Power & Light Co., where you can also custom design your own phone cases.




The new MagicBands are $21.95 for a customized one and $29.95 if you want it personalized.



You start the design process by picking between a MagicBand or different models of phone cases.


Disney announced that there would be up to 40 designs to pick from, if you include the different color options in that number. Most of the designs currently available are ones we have seen before but at least now you can pick which colored MagicBand you want it on.


Some new designs have arrived at this location though, mainly featuring attractions from Magic Kingdom. Cast members confirmed that more designs will be coming up in the future.










After you pick your design, you can choose the color you want for your MagicBand. The color purple is available for the first time and is exclusive to this location.



Next up you can choose if you want to personalize your MagicBand or not.



The entire ordering process is quick and once you are done, you’ll get an order number that you take with you to the register to pay. Annual passholder, DVC and cast member discounts all apply.


After you have paid for your new MagicBand, there is a waiting time of about 15-30 minutes before your MagicBand is ready but you can always come back and pick it up later.


The MagicBand can be either associated to your My Disney Experience account, or you can give it as a gift to friends or family who may be visiting Walt Disney World Resort soon.

This new “On Demand” MagicBand system is so far exclusive to this Tomorrowland location, as well as the purple band option and the new park designs. Unfortunately, you can’t pick any of the exclusive designs or purple online in My Disney Experience.


  1. Kerin

    do you have phone cases for the iPhone 6 plus ?

  2. Jean Filipiak

    Thank you for posting! Is there somewhere we can look to figure out which phone cases are available? Thank you.

  3. Jenn

    If we already have a Disney magicband, can we customize those?

  4. diana

    are there cases available for windows 1020 or the samsung edge?

  5. Max

    Is there someplace online where we can see the current design options?

    What’s the difference between customization and personalization?

  6. Neat, I hope they add it into more stores.

  7. Katrina

    If you already have your magic band how much is it to have an image on it?!


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