Comments for Early preview for final Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios set for Nov. 1-5

Osborne Dancing Lights


  1. Sarah

    I can not find any details on this sneak peek. It was originally sent out in an email to passholders, but the link in the email took you straight to the event page. There are no details anywhere on who this is open to, if you have to RSVP or times or anything. We would love to make a special trip down just to see these early, but more details would be helpful in planning!

    1. Tricia

      I hope this is really true because we are set to leave disney world November 5. Has anyone one else have information on this.

  2. Kelly

    I could only find this on your site. Where did you here it? I am so hoping it is true and the lights will start early for all guests. I guess they are having a preview for annual pass holders but couldn’t find anywhere that it would be for all guests.

    1. Tricia

      I couldn’t either. I’m from pa so I’m not a passholder. I’m leaving on the 5 th. The whole park should be open to everyone !

  3. Angie

    I spoke to several CMs today and not one could confirm this and did not seem to have a clue what I was talking about. I would love for it to be true, as we leave November 2nd….any updates or additional info on this?

  4. Amy

    I am in DHS RIGHT NOW (Nov 1, 2015), and I can confirm that the lights are up and running AND open to everyone! Go enjoy!

    1. Ella

      What time does the light show begin (for previews) this week?

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