Comments for VIDEO: Watch the complete “Walt Disney” documentary from PBS


  1. Sven L.

    Does anyone know an option to watch it for all the non-Americans?

    1. Roddy Barros

      Torrent. Unfortunately, that’s what I had to do to watch it.

    2. karen

      I’d like to know the same thing. Thanks for asking. I live in Canberra Australia and I’d love to know more about the real Walt Disney. He didn’t just walk into animation, he had to struggle and work hard. He made it happen without the lucky breaks and handshakes. I am so impressed with his life story which I have watched on the film ‘Walt Before Mickey’ that I would like to more about him. He made miracles happened. What a champion!

  2. steven weiia

    Get the Old Disney Black Diamond VHS movies. Beauty and the Beast is now worth thousands. The old VHS tapes have value!

    1. Rory Lucas

      WOW, those VHS tapes are selling for $4 to $12 !! Thanks for the tip. I’ll buy up and resell for huge profits one day.

      1. Manatree

        No what you see is morons listing things on Ebay for ultra high princes thinking there valuable. However, nobody is buying these because the are not worth anything. I think it funny when somebody thinks that an item that has over 2.9 million copies is rare & collectable.

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