Comments for Downtown Disney Officially Renamed To Disney Springs At Walt Disney World As Transformation Continues

Downtown Disney


  1. Donna Jones

    I miss the ADVENTURES CLUB. It was the most exciting & wonderful place in all of what was Paradise Island. Is there any place like that somewhere in WDW? I’d like to plan a trip there for the winter.

  2. Paula Martin

    I am so excited to vist the park again! Me and my husband are going sometime in the winter! And Donna, I toatally agree about the Adventurers Club. That is were I lost my first tooth! And my cousin lost his last molar their too!

  3. Sue

    What was wrong with the name Downtown Disney? When you think of going downtown in any city you think of the excitement, the night life the restaurants, stores, etc. which is Downtown Disney. If it aint broke don’t fix it!

    1. Shell V

      My thoughts exactly!

  4. Shell V

    I really can’t understand why they changed the name from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs. To me Downtown Disney meant a shopping / entertainment spot (basically the name said it all). Disney Springs sounds like a hotel (why confuse people as there is a Saratoga & Coronado Springs resort). Name should have remained Downtown Disney! But, some money making CEO came up with this great idea. Any pamphlets / signs all had to be changed (which cost extra bucks) to Disney Springs.

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