Comments for All-new “Frozen” theatrical production to replace Aladdin show at Disneyland Resort in 2016


  1. Mike S.

    This is so sad to hear. I was just at Disneyland for the first time this past month and the Aladdin show was one of my favorite things there.

    I like frozen but this is getting ridiculous. How many Frozen things do you need?

  2. Anecia

    This just literally crushed my soul and sent me on an emotional rollercoaster. I am NOT a fan of this change and am VERY sad to hear that Frozen continues to take away the focus of all other greats, such as the live Aladdin show.
    My husband and I have seen that show at least twice a year for the past several years and were looking forward to seeing it once again Star Wars Half Marathon weekend-only to find out it’ll be closed the week prior.
    I’m at a point where I no longer appreciate Frozen. It shouldn’t have to take the place of all the classic greats and I wish those in charge at the Disneyland Resort would reconsider this closing. I know they won’t, but a sad fan can dream…because that’s all the Aladdin show is now.

    1. michelle

      Like you my soul is crushed but even worse, my daughters are crushed as well! We’ve never missed the Aladdin show each time we’ve been lucky enough to go to Disneyland! We must fight and we must let our voices be heard, nothing against Frozen but Disney please do not take our beloved Aladdin and Genie away!

    2. Abbey

      Hi i was wondering if i could you part of your comment (“I am NOT a fan of this change and am VERY sad to hear that Frozen continues to take away the focus of all other greats, such as the live Aladdin show. “) in a letter that i’m sending to Disney

    3. Abbey

      Hello Anecia, I was wondering if i could use part of your comment (“I am NOT a fan of this change and am VERY sad to hear that Frozen continues to take away the focus of all other greats, such as the live Aladdin show. “) in a letter that i’m sending to Disney

  3. Cody

    This is very sad news, this shouldnt even have been an idea to replace aladdin with frozen, im sick and tired with frozen. Every year i go to disney i make sure to watch the aladdin show because it was such a great and funny show. And now you are tearing down such a wonderful production. You will not get the support for frozen as you did aladdin.

  4. Crystal

    This is sad. I enjoy seeing that show every time I am able to go to Disney . Not the best mive

  5. Veronica

    Noooooo!!!! I love Aladdin! Can’t believe it will be replaced! And then by Frozen?! I mean, I like the movie and all but another production of Frozen….. Uugghhh! I guess now the Genie will really be free! Sad sad! #GenieYouAreFree

  6. Dalin Rowell

    I’m curious to know if this means Frozen Sing-a-Long is closing shop. I truly hope so, because I find it utterly ridiculous for them to have not one, but two Frozen themed shows in the same area of the park. It’s one thing to have one similar show in Disneyland and in DCA for those One-Park-Per-Day ticketholders, BUT TWO SHOWS IN THE SAME AREA OF THE SAME PARK? No. No. That is truly the most pointless, desperate act I’ve ever seen, if they go through with it.

  7. Trent B

    I’m not the kind of person who post comments but this is the first time that Disneyland has truly infuriated me. For those not keeping track of the body count, Frozen has taken out Muppets, the Fantasy Faire show, Maelstrom, and to a lesser extent, World of Color, the Animation building, and the fireworks. It’s hardly been a month since the Expo meaning they HAD to have known during the Parks presentation and didn’t mention it to avoid being booed. I don’t even understand the Frozen from a marketing angle since Aladdin is coming out on Blu-Ray and the Muppets are going to be back on TV! So will there now be three Frozen shows simultaneously running at the Disneyland resort at the same time?! As a D23 Gold Member, I’d like to think that our fan base can change this as they did with the Indy ride and the Toy Story Musical. Disneyland Resort listens to feedback from their guests which is part of what makes it my favorite of the Disney resorts, so if anybody out there agrees with what I’m saying, let’s try and make our voices heard! There’s a change petition going right now as well. Sorry for ranting but Disney, I don’t want to build a snowman anymore.

    1. michelle

      How can we sign the petition must we be D23 members? Lets hope an pray that the fans voices will be heard! This is ridiculous we can’t lose Aladdin & Genie! SAD DAY!

      1. Trent B

        I don’t know if Inside the Magic has a policy on links, but it’s at https://www.change.org/p/disneyland-resort-anehiem-ca-keep-aladdin-a-musical-spectacular?recruiter=89175434&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
        You don’t need to be a D23 member but you may need an account for Change. If you don’t want to make an account, there are still ways of being heard like on social media and, in the Disneyland area, praising the show at City Hall in Main Street. But there’s a lot of tweeting about it though, my hashtag of choice being #stopbuildingsnowmen

    2. Allison W

      I want to see Aladdin stay at DCA. I am so upset Disney is taking away Aladdin. I am so upset and disgusted with their move. It sounds dramatic! …but I am absolutely so passionate about the show. I love the Aladdin so much, it is my favorite attraction of ALL TIME at any Disney attraction world-wide. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Let’s KEEP ALADDIN!

  8. Yesenia

    Noo! Aladdin is one of my favorite shows!

  9. AB

    I get the feeling Olaf will play the role of the “genie” in that he makes jokes and runs the show.

  10. Bea

    NOOOO! Find some other place to have the Frozen show! Why replace a show of a classic Disney movie?!

  11. Gabe

    It makes sense financially. The Singalong will shutter and reopen for Muppets or something new. Retain the Frozen brand in a big way without having to throw money into a new land (which they don’t have space for anyway) – WDW keeps the brand going in EPCOT; this is the most logical place to keep it alive in California in a more substantive way. Plus, Disney is probably about to launch a national tour for the Broadway version of “Aladdin”. The decision may not be popular but it makes a lot of sense.

  12. Chee Wong

    Bad move Disney…bad move. Please reconsider this decision and actually LISTEN to the amount of feedback you are getting from fans. The broadway version is not what we want. We want this beyond unique production that brings the audience so much happiness and magic. KEEP ALADDIN! That is my wish. Keep this production for our kids! Preserve the Disney magic Aladdin never fails to provide! GO ALADDIN!

  13. Dawn

    I love Aladdin too, but after ? years I’m up for a new show. I’m sure it will be well done in the Disney way. It’s okay people…let it go! 😉

  14. Pam

    Why can’t they keep both shows on a 6 month run? Frozen over the fall and winter, and Aladdin spring and summer? Work some “Disney Magic” for us!

    1. Trish

      My thoughts exactly!!!

  15. Pam

    Frozen mostly appeals to little girls. My 11 yr old is sick of it. I’ll have to drag her to it, and I’m sure she will like it knowing Disney’s ability. Just a thought…have they ever thought about a show of a “Pirates of the Carribean”

  16. BMC

    Sorry, everyone, but as the parents of a 4 year old girl we think all of the changes are timely…. Everything else seems a bit stale…. We are looking forward to this change and can’t wait….

  17. Trish

    Canbthey do both ?Frozen does not appeal to my teenage sons but Genie certainly did!!! That will be one we will pass on… Not a fan of frozen as much as Aladin

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