Comments for VIDEO: Watch Disney Springs take shape as Walt Disney World rapidly transforms Downtown Disney with unique new shopping, dining


  1. EB

    Most locals just can’t wait for the roads outside Downtown Disney to be finished. The traffic snarls are horrendous, often stretching all the way back and around the ramp to I-4.

  2. Chris

    I was in Orlando in June, and while I know it’s a reality of opening and servicing an expanded Downtown, it’s a shame that they had to erect all those ugly parking garages. I used to enjoy seeing the anchor restaurants and venues from Buena Vista Drive; now it’s just grey concrete parking.

  3. Simon Harris

    I wouldn’t use the word ‘rapidly’ because this is a huge project that’s taking many years to complete. The frustrating thing is the traffic, they just can’t seem to keep it flowing and often have huge empty areas and empty lanes cordoned off for what looks like no particular reason, also sometimes closing one of the two entrances. I went last week and slowly snakes into the car park only to have a Disney employee refusing access to an entire empty floor.

  4. Simon Harris

    Also there is a big exposed areas exiting the car park before you effectively reach any of the shops, across the fountain in front of Planet Hollywood all the way to either the Starbucks corner or the shops on the far side of the bridge, not good in either hot sun or torrential rain to have a very long walk to reach anything especially if you have walked all the way from the far corner of this massive parking structure on the wrong floor for example. I would suggest either some kind of covering from the weather there or makes that empty section a marketplace of some kind.

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