Comments for New Fast & Furious ride coming to Universal Orlando, Disaster attraction to close


  1. star-w

    ugh i hope they make it live action this time the cgi in hollywood looked awful

  2. EricJ

    And let’s be honest, the Earthquake attraction without Earthquake just wasn’t the same.

    1. star-w

      wait your bothered by a SIGN on the extior

    2. Joel

      I never did it when it was called Earthquake. I was too scared as a kid. It was one of my favorites as Disaster, however, solely due to the utilization of Christopher Walken. The use of The Rock was also pretty clever. Unless those aspects were a part of Earthquake, I would say that the upgrade to Disaster was well worth it.

  3. EricJ

    I forget the circumstances that required the name change (they claim it was “nobody remembered the Heston movie”, but that has to be an alibi), but “Disaster!” says parody, while Earthquake was, well, Universal. (Classic Tram-ride, if not classic studio movie.)
    What, would you say nobody misses Kongfrontation, just because THAT was based on “an old 70’s movie nobody remembers”?

    Now, Beetlejuice, OTOH….NOBODY remembers. 😉

    1. James

      Sounds a lot like the reason why Jaws was closed. Aside from the gas dock costing thousands (that’s a terrible excuse.) and the thousands of gallons of water, it was closed down because it was “no longer relevant”. (Do I have to say how much crap that is? Or is it obvious?) Still, SHAMEFUL! Also, that’s a good point. Earthquake was a Universal movie. They took it out for a parody. O well. At least F&F is Universal. :-\ TBH, I’m excited to see if the new Universal movies get rides. Just imagine a Mass Effect ride! By the way, what’s Beetlejuice? (Sarcasm)

      1. Joel

        More like…Harry Potter is a gold mine, and this is in the way.

        1. James

          That’s true!

          Still wish we could have it back.

  4. Mitch

    Shame about disaster – we were there beginning of the summer and it was good campy fun: something that Universal is a little bit lacking in with jaws and king kong both going away.
    Beetlejuice should close now. Straight away. Yesterday. That was bloody AWFUL.

  5. James

    I have to admit, I did NOT see Disaster leaving. I’ve been hearing Twister on the chopping block, but I didn’t see Disaster. That being said, I am excited for this. I just REALLY hope that the graphics aren’t like the ones in Hollywood. Those SUCKED!!

    1. Joel

      Honestly, it seems strange to me as well that they are getting rid of Disaster. I guess if it is sucking up Beetlejuice too, that means it is to big to fit where Twister is, but why not get rid of Fear Factor Live instead? Talk about dated…

  6. Chaz

    Twister is supposed to become like tonight show or something

  7. So disappointing that Universal would chose to get rid of the BEST live show they have to make room for another ride! My entire family greatly enjoys going to Beetlejuice s show every time we go to Universal and we are pass holders!

  8. Brad

    My gut reaction:
    1) Pleaaaase can Universal Parks stop with Fast and Furious already!!?
    2) I am not excited by the prospect of a themed environment built to look and feel like a real world derelict shed in LA. If I wanted i’d just go to one of those. Theme parks are supposed to be about escapism!
    3) And a ride based around going fast in a car… it just feels too close to reality for me. (don’t get me started with the annoyance i’ll feel from a preshow presented by the dumb meatheads that are Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, but thats just a personal gripe 😉 )
    4) Can we please just have a tram tour back in Orlando instead of Universal taking pieces designed for Hollywood’s tram tour and plonking them in Orlando as independent rides?
    5) The above all said, I welcome all development in the parks, and I know Universal will do a great job, so i’ll hold any further judgment until i’ve ridden it.
    6) I’ll miss Frank Kincaid – never did get round to bringing my partner to see this ride in time, he loves Christopher Walken…

    1. Joel


  9. Melissa

    Who wants to bet that the F&F attraction will feature a lot of staring at a screen? Though there was the brief video in the tram, Disaster was a refreshing break from screens and one of the few attractions where you actually interact with other people. It was great. Though it is amazing what technology can do, Universal has gone too far away from physical rides. Are they going to demolish everything that doesn’t involve screens?

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