Comments for Lion King spin-off “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar” coming to Disney Channel, Rob Lowe to voice Simba


  1. I grow up with the lion king for 23 years of my life with my sister Christina was both our favorite movie. So beautiful amazing Africa Sarfina God scent background and music heartwarming I loved<3 I loved to be in a lion king movie that be god blessing honor.

  2. sara

    So excited to see some of the same artist working on this project! While watching there were so many scenes that were almost total copy cats to the point I was researching to see if some of the original art was used in this show, meaning it’s point on I used to watch lion king almost everyday ( even when I was in high school) it is one of my all time favorite movies and so glad to see a new installment of this wonderful story! Kudos to the amazing artist working on this and the previous stories

  3. THIS…. WAS…… A…… FAIL

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