Comments for D23 Expo 2015: Orlando Bloom to reprise Will Turner for “Pirates 5,” Johnny Depp appears on stage as Jack Sparrow – again


  1. wow!! would I love to be in one of pirates of the caribeean movies.just once in my life.i love these movies and just the chance of being in one.the would be the high light of my life.but its only a just watching them will have to do for now.

  2. EricJ

    And if they blame Rob Marshall for P4, and so…much…as…THINK of letting Gore “Looney Ranger” Verbinski come within a hundred miles of this…

  3. teacup

    I know Johnny and Orlando are great pirates …… but Geoffrey Rush is the ‘Perfect Pirate’ ….. love his expressions, devious ways, skulking attitude and oh so dirty piratey look.

  4. teacup

    Orlando please visit Clearwater FL and come aboard our ‘Pirate Ship’ in the area …. we would be so ‘Pleazzzzed’ …. for all the autograph opportunities …. and a touch of the magic, our corner seems forgotten sometimes….. love and hugs to you and the cast of POTC 5

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