Comments for D23 Expo 2015: Everything announced for Disney Parks – Star Wars, Iron Man, Avatar, Toy Story, Jungle Cruise, and much more


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    What a fantastic article! It was great to be able to get a tour of the expo and the presentations. This is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    I concur. Thank you as always Ricky and Co. for taking us there. I assume like everywhere I’ve turned there’s no current answer to this, but I’d like confirmation on where the 25 acres of the Studios are being taken and what will be taken away. We probably already know what’s what since we knew SW and something PIXAR was coming, but it’d be nice for that to be official. So I can start the grieving process.

    Also since there’s going to be 3 screens at Epcot maybe there will be room for Soarin’ Over California, if not permanently, then maybe a day or two one of the theaters can show the film again; I’m gonna miss the Orange and Water smells (assuming they don’t find a place with the new film). Because YouTube can’t replicate that!

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    Remember two years ago when Disney Parks offered us nothing?

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