Comments for D23 Expo 2015: Disney Magic Kingdoms mobile game announced, letting fans build a virtual Disney theme park


  1. Peggy

    Wish they would bring back Virtual Magic Kingdom for the PC as not everyone has a smartphone ­čÖü

    1. Brian

      Have you seen this fan remake?


      1. Kenzie

        I wouldn’t go on myvmk. I used to be a member for a good long while. The entire site is fully of petty and immature people who don’t know how to run a site, and bullying is abound. I myself was bullied very heavily there…the game is a ghost town now, too, with maybe 40 people on at most at events and such. I was disappointed by it.

    2. Mikki

      You and me both- VMK was the best game ever-my whole family played and I would have paid to play if they would have kept it –

  2. itselguapo

    I’ll try it out, I absolutely love theme park sims. As long as it’s not like roller coaster tycoon mobile. I kinda wish people would take example from Fallout Shelter. Doesn’t need to be online, no microtransactions shoved into your face, no “invite facebook friends to continue”, no 24 hour long stuff to continue playing the game. Stuff like that.

  3. Rae Haigh

    Agreed some of us have Windows Phones’ and Tablets

  4. I just hope this game is free!!!
    I know it might have in game purchases though but i hope its free. and available for windows 10

  5. melisa

    When is this app coming to the play store?

  6. Carl

    Why can’t they make something like this for like, lets say, the Nintendo 3DS instead of just the smartphones

    1. Can’t do pay-to-play on a 3DS.

    2. Allison

      Umm also cuz some ppl don’t play DS.. Lol

  7. Alan

    They open VMK during the 50th and close it as merely a promotional wagon.

    Now being the 60th … And promotion to allow people to build NOT pixels but relationships and close them like another attraction.

    Rides might be promotional but doing these Communities should be handled with a lot more care and concern then just revenue.

  8. Phone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Windows Phone. Disneyland Paris and more, the game reimagines Disney Parks for mobile, letting fans experience an authentic and magical experience anytime, anywhere.

  9. Magical Logic

    What ever happened to Disney’s magical kingdom mobile game? I understood it was going to be released in the fall but here we are in December .

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  11. Ken

    Has anyone heard of a status update on Disney’s Magic Kingdoms app? When is it going to be released?

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