Comments for D23 Expo 2015: “Coco” officially named as Disney / Pixar’s upcoming Dia de los Muertos movie


  1. EricJ

    Oh, WHEW! There hadn’t been any news for a while, and we thought it had lost the competing-project battle to “Book of Life”.
    (See, that was another Dia del Muerto movie that came out a couple years ago, and…oh, look it up on IMDB, I don’t remember it either.) 😉

    1. JoseM.

      “Book of Life” WAS AMAZING. I live in a border town and with everyone I’ve shared it with found it INCREDIBLE. Very underrated. I am excited for “Coco” . It has something to live up to and I’m excited to see it regardless of it’s competitors.

  2. Chary Aranzabal

    It’s called “Día de Muertos”
    Not “Día de los muertos”

    1. Juanje

      It’s called Dia de los Muertos Or Día de Muertos there’s really no mistake in either as a grammar article doesn’t change the meaning of the celebration, in Mexico you can hear peopple call it both ways and it it correct.

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