Comments for VIDEO: Magic of Disney Animation tribute as a piece of Walt Disney World history permanently closes


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    The drawing classes were always a highlight of Hollywood Studios. No drawing classes is a big mistake.

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    Aha, so THAT’S why no Inside Out character meets!–They would have had to move out within a month anyway (like Hiro and Baymax did), and the parks tend to be closed-mouth about closings unless there’s a planned replacement announced.
    We may get Hollywood Adventure announced next month at the D23, but they couldn’t spill the beans yet.

    I remember watching the animators over their shoulder, but even with the studio closed, it was nice to have a museum and immersive indoor character-meet spot, like Minnie’s dressing room or Ralph’s Game Central.
    Hopefully they’ll have a new spot planned for the characters from the new still-in-theaters WDFA and Pixar characters who don’t happen to be princesses.

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