Comments for Video: How Walt Disney World Banned Selfie Sticks at All Its Theme Parks


  1. Stephanie

    So I have a go pro and I have a hand held stick which isn’t very big and I use it not like a selfie stick but so 1. I can hold it steady and 2. So it doesn’t catch sound from my hands holding onto the camera. Is that ok?

    1. Brady

      As long as it is a hand held stick and does not extend you can have it

  2. EricF

    Dose other Disney parks outside from Florida still allow selfie sticks?

    1. Anderson

      I’d be prepared for other theme parks banning the stick.

    2. Bartattack

      Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong also ban them.

      1. EricF

        What’s up with Disney? They’re like the anti-selfie stick people when it comes to this. At least it’s just Disney who don’t allow those stick in their sticks. I bet Universal and Seaworld allows those sticks in the parks..

        1. EricF

          I meant “just Disney who don’t allow those sticks in their parks”. Sorry about my grammar. Just a bit mistake

  3. EricJ

    I had never -heard- of selfie sticks (I don’t take selfies) until my last trip to the parks, and they were EVERYWHERE.
    Frankly, I’d though it was a clever idea, although I could see it out of control, and the issue was likely more one of ride safety–All articles not stowed on the coaster, and all that.

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