Video: How Walt Disney World Banned Selfie Sticks at All Its Theme Parks

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On June 30th at Disney Parks across the country, “selfie sticks” were added to the list of prohibited items. At the Walt Disney World Resort, all paths that lead to the main entrances of the four theme parks, two water parks, and DisneyQuest now have signage that informs guests of this new policy.

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The accessory had quickly gained popularity in the last few months, and not just with park goers, but with management as well. The negative feedback and overall safety concerns were what finally did them in. Just recently at the Disneyland Resort, the California Screamin’ roller coaster came to a screeching halt as a rider pulled out a selfie stick just before the first drop. This prompted an immediate emergency stop of the attraction, which then had the snowball effect of upset guests, downtime of a signature attraction, guest recovery, and the list goes on.

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Gone are the nights when dozens of glowing rectangles filling the sky like a paused scene from Tangled, and back to the magical vistas that make the parks great. Above all with kidding aside, this move to ban the selfie stick was put in place mostly for the safety of the guests, and in the end… everyone wins.

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