Comments for Disney Princes, Leading Men Come Alive In Fan Art and the Results Are Wildly Life-Like

Prince eric in real life

Credit: Disney and Jirka Väätäinen Design


  1. Pedro Leão

    Well they are perfect but I miss Tiana’s prince…

    1. Kayla Simone

      Honestly I was thinking the same thing!

  2. Pamela

    Prince Eric for some reason looks like John Stamos! Whoo hoo!

    1. Izarith

      I thought the same thing! And that Aladdin looks weirdly like Jason Schwartzman.

    2. K

      I thought that too. With Steve Carrell’s eyes.

      1. Gia

        Alladin – Jake Gyllenhal
        Hercules- That Ethan kid from Lizzie Mcguire
        The Beast- Elijah Wood (the more i look at him)

        1. maria

          Phillip I’m pretty sure is Francesco Lacowski, a model from Brazil. It was bugging me but finally hit me.

        2. Rebevc

          And Tarzan could be Ryan Gosling!

    3. Yeah he dose. Who cares? He’s still hot!

  3. Beverly

    Prince Phillip is hot

  4. Courtney

    John smith looks like taylor kitsch ie the dude from john carter 🙂

    1. Lola

      Tom Cruise.. he always looked like Tom Cruise… -_-

  5. Amy

    These are awesome!!

    Would love to see Flynn Rider!

  6. Alber

    Tarzan is so sexy :3

  7. Dida

    Aladdin = Jake Gyllenhaal

  8. Mackenzie

    John Smith looks like Taylor Kitsch if he dyed his hair blonde

    1. ezzzza

      he looks like jaime lanister

  9. JP

    Aladdin is basically just Avan Jogia. I think I’m in with this.

  10. Keila

    My favorite was Hercules, the beast, Tarzan and John Smith <3 <3 <3

  11. Bun

    I think Aladdin’s eyes should’ve been more smoldering and seductive since he’s Arabian mmhmmm

  12. Dee

    OMG – Prince Charming is the spitting image of my dad’s high school senior class picture (sans gold shoulder fringe).

  13. jonas

    Prince Phillip looks exactly like Sam Claflin

  14. Preme

    Why does disney never have any people of any other races why do all the princes have to be white. No asian prince, no indian prince, no african prince just white princes smh

    1. Stacey

      Hey Preme, Aladdin is Arabian? (So, not white) and then there is Prince Naveen (Princess and the Frog) who I think is from an Indian country, not sure which one though 🙂

      1. disneyboundmom

        Naveen is French but the stories are based on books written by different authors. Disney retells the stories through animation. They don’t write them and do not purposely leave out ethnic groups. The British just have the market on fairy tails.

      2. Kate

        I live in the Arab world yet I’ve never, ever, seen a guy looking like that.

        1. Mona

          You must live in the Gulf. Most guys in the rest of the Arab world such as Lebanon and Jordan do look like that.

      3. Olivia

        There are no “Indian countries”, India is one country.

    2. Cristy

      Li Chang, from Mulan. He’s not a prince; but China has had a pretty troubled time keeping princes alive, from what I’ve read.

    3. dummies

      Yeah, so since when is Aladdin white? Also, most of these fairy tales (aladdin excluded, obviously) are based on stories from “white” countries- such as France, Germany, Norway, etc., which has something to do with it.

  15. Jen

    Can I have one Tarzan and a Prince Eric please???

  16. Claudia

    The Beast is called Prince Adam.

  17. Kyera

    I think Hercules looks just like Jason (Jack Donnelly) from Atlantis. A bunch of the other ones look really familiar too, but I can’t place them.

  18. Esme

    Very accurate! Where’s Flynn Rider?

  19. Kait

    Why does Aladdin look like Jake Gyllenhaal? Lol

  20. Thomas

    My God, Prince Eric is dreamy… 🙂

  21. Anon

    It’s a photomanipulation. Does it count as art ?? ._.

  22. SusieM

    John Smith is the spitting image of model/actor Jason Lewis who played Smith in Sex in the City.

  23. Kate

    I need Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet

  24. I see a picture like this of a real life Disney princess I can t help think of the Mulan in Once Upon a Time, not ones like in this picture. I see a picture like this of a real life Disney princess I can’t help think of the Mulan in Once Upon a Time, not ones like in this picture.

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