Comments for Disneyland celebrates 60th anniversary with huge crowds, special character entertainment


  1. You miss Edmonton. I can tell by your wistful rerembmance of the blinding snow. Really it’s been quite peachy and is the perfect weekend with which to be moving. The only thing that could make it more lovely & idyllic is the addition of freezing rain and some zombies.

  2. i hope you can say a prayer for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo. They are dangerously close to having a civil war reignight. Rebel forces have taken Goma and on their way to Bukavu. My daughter, Lora, has just left Bukavu for safety but her congolese husband, Chris, had to leave his family in harms way to keep my daughter safe. I hope for prayers for the innocents in bukavu and that the conflict will fizzle.thanks….kathy

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