Comments for Wet ‘n Wild Orlando to close permanently as Universal Orlando makes way for Volcano Bay water park


  1. Ben Berry

    The most important question for you is what are they going to do with that prime real estate?

    1. Jonathan Y.

      Perhaps another hotel?

    2. Some Dude

      “Wet ‘n Wild Orlando first opened in 1977, purchased years later by Universal Studios. Now Universal is building their own new water park, Volcano Bay, leaving no reason to keep Wet ‘n Wild Orlando around any longer.” Yeah, I wonder what they are going to do with the space. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM WHAT A MYSTERY!

      1. Brooks

        Uh, Volcano Bay isn’t going where Wet n Wild is, so yeah, it is a mystery. lol.

  2. EricF

    Why did they want to close it down? Can they just keep it and have two water theme parks like how Disney World has?

    1. Becky

      My understanding is that the technology at the 38 year old Wet ‘n Wild is so far outdated that it is not worth repairing the existing water park. In addition, the location of the new water park makes more sense for the Universal resort layout. The are also building new hotels and expanding areas of the existing Theme Parks. It’s a huge time of growth for the Universal franchise. (We were just there last weekend and asked a lot of questions about the construction we saw going on).

  3. Bob

    Perhaps some “repurposing” of the attractions or their components to a more “volcanic” theme?

  4. Ed

    Seriously just read. It says they are closing it for a new water park. Not a hotel, not repurposing it. New water park!

    1. Becky

      Universal is building 2 new hotels, just not on Wet ‘n Wild property.

  5. nedwards

    Sorry to see Wet ‘n Wild shutting, it was the best water park for family rides, hopefully with it shutting in Dec 16, and Volcano Bay opening in 2017 it may mean that some of the newer flumes may be saved and repurposed for use in Volcano Bay (Brainwash, Disco H2O and the new childrens section)

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