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  1. Danielle

    We are lucky enough to be spending six days at disney world over Christmas, but I was just wondering if wasting a ticket on Hollywood studios is even worth it in your opinion? It was always our favorite since we have a six year old boy who lives and breaths for Star Wars but it seems as if were headed there during a transition period and will not get to enjoy much in that park …

    1. James

      I wouldn’t call it wasting a ticket, as there is still PLENTY to do in Hollywood Studios. There is still Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror, Star Tours, The Great Movie, and Toy Story Midway Mania. Hollywood Studios never had a lot of rides to begin with, it always had a lot of shows. Most of those shows are still there and are still worth seeing. There is also Fantasmic! which is worth it just for the price of admission in my opinion. So, no I don’t think that it is a waste of a ticket as there is still so much to do there.

    2. Mike

      Hollywood studios is our favorite park but with all the closures taking place right now, I don’t think its worth the 100 dollar ticket. The few rides that are still open are twice as crowded with less choices to choose from.

    3. Tim

      I agree with James and Mike. There are still some very enjoyable rides at Hollywood Studios. The shows are great, also, if you’re into that.

      However, I personally would probably not buy a single day ticket for Hollywood Studios. If you have a park hopper, definitely consider going. But, if you’re only going to plan for a half-day trip, I would say be very careful on FastPass+ usage.

    4. Joy

      If you are going over the Christmas holidays, Hollywood Studios is a must-see for the Osborne Lights alone!
      Also your 6-yr old boy might enjoy the Motor Cars stunt show – I know my grandsons loved that.

    5. MissyMouse

      If you’re going with kids, I’d save the money this time around. My guys don’t do roller coasters or thrill/scary rides. They do love Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Toy Story, but we’ve been there, done that. I’ll probably be waiting until some things are added back in and it’s new to us again. Especially now that there wok be no opportunity to may characters so easily. Such a bummer. Ticket prices have gone up, but so much is being taken away.

      1. MissyMouse

        Muppets will next on the chopping block.

  2. Paul

    This is a real bummer, one of our favorite things to do in the park is the Character Drawing.

  3. Crissy

    If your son loves Star Wars, go for it. There are some things to do. I would maybe just allow a half day for Hollywood Studios. A park hopper option allows you to come and go as you please to each park. In case, there is a busy park, you can check the app (wait times) and just switch to a slower park.

  4. Monica

    The Animation Academy (drawing classes) part of the Animation Studio could SURELY be relocated to another part of the park.
    If you enjoyed these classes as much as our family always has, I urge you to email WDW Guest Relations at wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com And while you’re at it, ask them to please keep One Man’s Dream too!

  5. Suzanne

    I am as big a Disney fan as they come but I am more than a little distressed with all of the recent closings. The thing bothering me most is that nothing new has been announced to replace any of it. We have lots of “rumors” floating around…some even fairly credible, but I think Disney really needs to slow their roll on closures until they start to have some openings again. HS is quickly fading away to nothing. Without the 4 major attractions that they have kept in place there would be no reason at all to visit that park. I am less than pleased at the moment. I know that progress brings change but are we honestly to believe that there was no other option than to take all of these things out at once??? Please Disney…take a pause from any more closures until you have announced an opening or two.

  6. EricF

    Here are my list of future 5 replacements for Disney Animation attraction for you to choose what is gong to be:

    1. A Disney animated film themed character restaurant

    2. A themed simliator ride based on Turner’s Cartoon Network shows if Disney would get the rights to use CN from Turner although I know the fact that CN is still rival of the Disney Channels.

    3. An expention for One Man’s Dream attraction

    4. A live stage show based on Frozen

    5. A meet and greet attraction with Disney and Pixar characters

    Choose one of them in the list and what would you think.

  7. Lauren C.

    If they close One Man’s Dream, that’s just a slap to Walt Disney himself! They need to keep it to so the next generation knows the man who started it all. My nephew loves Disney but had no idea who Walt Disney is. I told him we should be thankful for a man who had so much courage and adversity of all he had to overcome because we wouldn’t have what we do today without him. I vote to keep the memory of Walt alive.

    1. David D.

      The Disney Company has been distancing itself from the Disney family name (especially Walt’s name) for quite some time now.

  8. Jonathan

    What is going on with the Disney Co.??????????

    1. Anderson

      I don’t know, I just wish that they straddle their closures with actual ride announcements!

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  10. Mr. S.

    Not at all thrilled with the identity crisis this park seems to be having! I honestly wish MGM could go back to being a theme park/working studio backlot, but I guess the thrill ride competition is pushing that idea to the wayside 🙁

  11. Andrewski

    Hey. Guys. Honestly they are being smart. This is nothing but a old, colt attraction. You really think Disney doesn’t have a detailed plan for Studios? D23. Everything will be revealed.

  12. Jonathan Y.

    Since the Feature Animation studio closed, it hasn’t been the same for The Magic of Disney Animation. Although the Animation Academy, meet and greets, and activities are all fun, California Adventure has a better facility. I hope they do put a Disney Animation themed attraction somewhere else in the park though.

  13. Jen K

    What have you heard about the Lightning McQueen and Mater meet n greet? We’re going to WDW mid July and the WDW website is stating “no scheduled times” from July 20 and on. My son is a huge fan and is looking forward to meeting them. Have you heard if they’re closing, too, or is it just too early for meeting times to be posted on the WDW site?

  14. Julie Lause

    I’m so sad. My extended family of 14 will be disappointed, too. Not sure how to break the news to my parents – long time WDW patrons. Disney is full of surprises, it is true, but this..we will miss classic Disney and HS. First the Golden Girls house and now this.

  15. What makes me both sad and concerns me is the fate of the three concrete slabs in the courtyard. Everyone walks by them, not realizing what’s there. They were signed on opening day (May 1, 1989) by the four surviving members of Walt’s Nine Old Men (Marc Davis, Ollie Johnston, Ward Kimball and Frank Thomas), as well as Ken O’Connor, a celebrated art director and animator who created the original animated film at the attraction, Return to Neverland, that starred Walter Cronkite and Robin Williams (pre-Genie days).

    These are the link between the Florida studio and the origins of the company. All five men are Disney Legends. These slabs need to be preserved, yet I can’t find anyone who can say that they will be and where they will end up – in storage in Florida for use in the new attraction, at the Disney Archives back in California, or moved elsewhere in the park.

    I just want to know that they haven’t abandoned their legacy completely.

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