Comments for Freddy vs Jason announced as new haunted house for Halloween Horror Nights 2015 at Universal Orlando


  1. EricF

    What if Universal would someday to get the rights to use one of the popular horror game frenchises “Five Nights at Freddy’s” into a new hunted attraction for their HHN event? Why or why not?

    In my opinion, if that happens eventually, I would love if they can make a hunted maze walkthrough attraction where you enter inside through the Freddy’s restaurant and then encounter the variety of life-sized replicas of animatronic creatures would jump out and scare you along the way. What would you think?

    1. EricF

      Sorry I wrote my grammars wrong, I can see why I made some mistake, I meant to say is “what if Universal would think of getting the rights to use an indie horror game ‘Five Night at Freddy’s’ and translate it into a hunted attraction for their HHN event in the future? Why or why not? In my opinion, I would love if they can make a hunted maze based on a game where you could encounter the life-sized replicas of scary animatronics throughout. What would you think?” Are my new paragraphs better or should I do better paragraphs and grammars next time.

      1. Gabriel L.

        I smell ♪ GENIUS!!!♪

        1. ChicaChicky

          I’m half way on this choice… However, my own idea of it before I saw this post was that instead of being a full walk-through attraction ((well, minus the waiting queue)), a small group of “players” would be selected to go forth and be “locked” in as “night guards” for “the night” inside the security office. A computer with simple access to the cameras in all rooms of the rest of the restaurant ((the guests waiting in line would be in the same restaurant, only not the dark version of it, they would be in the happy, daylight version)) will be sitting on the desk. To each side, a door that can actually open and close ((but is well equipped with censors to detect when a person/actor is standing too close or under it so it can’t close on anyone)) will be set up, along with the light switches that allow you to see your “blind spots”, just like in the first game. Groups each get to spend 7 minutes as the security, which is about the average amount of time one night amounts to in game anyway. The major differences though would be that though you CAN see the time on the computer, you can’t see the building’s power. Just like in game, if you leave the doors closed too long, use the lights too much or switch the cam view too often, or some combination of these, the power will inevitably “go out”. At this point, a hidden panel in the left wall opens up to reveal Freddy’s glowing eyes and mouth which the room plays his “Toreader March” theme song. The theme song will randomly select it’s length for the groups that get it played to them and an animatronic Freddy instead of an actor will be set on the same algorithms so that it can jump-scare them in time with the song’s end… There will also be random groups that will get the outage and theme song, but then the lights will turn back on, depending on how close it is to being 7 minutes and they’ll hear the familiar tone of 6 am. The same thing will occur if they manage the power well while defending themselves for 7 minutes against the actors in suits who will be moving around the “restaurant”.

          My idea probably sounds a bit “fantastic” as in “it probably can’t be done”, but I somehow see ways in which it could be done. I just don’t know how to explain them is all.

    2. GavinH

      It could be possible, since in the past recent years they have done Resident Evil: racoon city in both parks. but I sure do root for it.

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  3. James

    Because Mortal Kombat won’t do it! I’m not sorry. (Yes I am)

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