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  1. Meghan

    We stopped by here for the first time in May and it was really depressing. I can see how this would have been ‘state of the art’ back in 1999 but it’s in need of some TLC. Hoping they re-home some of the old school arcade games around the property!

  2. Robin

    No! Disney Quest is a must for all of our trips! We were so looking forward to going next May!

  3. Mike

    I’m going to miss Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters. That was a lot of fun. Maybe it’ll wind up in Pixar Place 🙂

  4. Michael

    Sad to see this go and wished that Disney would have moved to a pay per game model versus charging an admission fee. I always found it hard to cut your day in half to accommodate a trip to Disney Quest. It would have been much better if you could come and go and you please.

    1. Jennie

      That’s how Disney Quest started. You bought credits that were put on card so you could swipe and play what you wanted. When you ran out of credits, you could take it to a machine to reload. I guess people didn’t like that method? It didn’t last very long. We loved Disney Quest, but it was looking a little rough last time were there compared to when it first opened. Hopefully, they just relocate the games to the ends of rides or rainy-day areas around the parks.

  5. Alex

    That stinks, my brother and I even came up with a brilliant idea for that location. Using oculus, you go through the building with theming to Disney movies and attractions, like an area themed to the haunted mansion or pirates of the Caribbean. It would be like Magiquest, but entirely disney

    1. Disney tried that in the 90s with Aladdin, didn’t work too well because of the technology of the time.

      But it would work better with augmented reality than an Oculus

  6. Does it Matter

    This stinks I love DisneyQuest, it hasnt been stale when we’ve been there and its been packed. Some of the really old games dont work very well anymore but the newer stuff works fine. Wont be going to any NBA experience, no doubt the people who love to get fleeced will flock to the place.

  7. Kimberley

    Not everyone likes basketball. Disney is taking everything away that whole families can enjoy. Why not
    update the games. Everyone loves that place and it is busy each time I go. IT is the only reason we
    buy premium passes. Basketball???? REALLY??

    What are they thinking???

    1. colleen

      I totally agree! We will not be going to the NBA attraction as a whole family we are not into basketball at all! We love Disney Quest! We loved it when it was in Chicago way back. OMG I am so sad

  8. Ken A

    NBA Experience seems like a really narrow market for such a massive building and the demographic population that visits Disney Springs. Predict it doesn’t last more than a year or two after opening…

  9. Julie

    I’m so sad! My boys live that place! We go every time when we come to Disney! Just went a few weeks ago. I hope that you do something similar in a different location!

  10. Dave

    With l the rich Disney history and theme parks and movies you would think they could replace DQ with something h uniqu Disney……..BTW, anyone go to the NBA themed resturaunt/attraction at Universal Citywalk??
    You get my point!!!!
    Try a little harder Disney, your a-level pricing needs to be justified. This is a mistake!!!

  11. Frank

    This Sucks!! We love DisneyQuest!! Im curious what the hack Disney is thinking as a business model? Disneyquest monthly subscription or yearly payment was brilliant they may have over 50,000 people pay a year .. I call it the Disney’s Best Kept Secert!

  12. googleq

    its the best day.

  13. googleq

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  14. Lisa Hood

    this is such disappointing news as my family love spending our evenings at Disney Quest
    We will miss this loads
    NBA would be of no interest to us and is not anything to do with Disney

    1. Jt

      Actually nba is Disney as well as anything to do with ESPN they own either in whole or partially both

  15. Rogelio

    My family and I have been premium annual pass holders for the last six years. It is an important chunk of our annual budget, but we have always considered it worth it, because of all the extra values added to it in things like the water parks and DQ. If this is closed, the value of our annual passes go down, and we might decide not to renew them after this horrible mistake. Very disappointing news…

  16. Libby

    Disney’s worst decision by far. Knocks “replace Alien Encounter with a Stitch monstrosity” take second place

    1. Ptpgrad

      I don’t think I could love this comment more.

  17. Eric

    The NBA has to be infusing a ton of cash into Disney in order to get Disney to make a partnership like this. It really doesn’t make any sense otherwise. Disney Springs is looking more less Disney-esque as it unfolds. As a soon to be resident of the greater Orlando area, I too am disappointed in this decision as I was looking forward to taking my son here during the super hot months of Summer.

  18. Josh

    I’d like to know who are the idiots that are making these big decisions?? Your freaking disney… You can’t come up with something disney-like?? last i checked, thats why the people go there, for Disney stuff… the nba experience will only attract teenagers who will cause trouble… and teens don’t spend money, its the moms and dads who bring their children to disney that spend the money and they won’t be interested in this… remember all the bad ideas that followed virgin megastore?? This will be another one…

  19. Mag

    Very disappointing! DisneyQuest may need some revamping but don’t get rid of it! We visit there every trip. NBA? Not one person in my family of 4 cares about basketball. Why wouldn’t they come up with something Disney themed? Or something that appeals to numerous demographics??

  20. meeeeh…I dislike Sports immensely…sad that Art and Imagination need to be replaced by something not so Disneyish …meeeeh

  21. NBA Experience??? How very 1990’s 😀

    1. Just stick a couple of NBA JAM arcade machines in the lobby, instant NBA Experience for DisneyQuest 😀

  22. kevin

    Great project to work on – shame the WDI never gave it the love it deserved.

    Think WDC will see the error of its way in a couple of months!

  23. danny k

    How is it not disneyish? Disney does a sports movie just about once a year owns ESPN and once owned what is now the NHLs mighty ducks.

  24. Mary F

    I can understand Disney wanting to update DQ, it has been there for a long time. Times change and people change, but to make it sports themed is a bad idea. Not all kids and parents are into sports, I can’t see many girlsand women wanting to go play there. I feel if they are going to theme it after one sport, it should have football, baseball, soccer, and other sports, not just basketball. Just my two cents.

  25. Aaron

    Perhaps the building could become multi purpose. I don’t know why NBA experience would have to take up the hole of a hundred thousand square foot. I’m actually wondering if something else could be part of this, or it could be a red herring, NBA experience could be put elsewhere and DisneyQuest still serves it’s original purpose, using franchises or some augmented reality technology. It doesn’t really make much sense, and I think that DisneyQuest will get more of a revamp rather than fully converted into NBA, or maybe NBA could just be part of that building.

  26. Sunny

    With today’s technology, Disney should have updated the inside to reflect innovative ideas and new technologies. Isn’t that part of the foundation of Disney… innovating? I’m so sad. I’ll have to go one last time. But I’ll never have a reason to darken the doors of a basketball themed area.

  27. frozenn

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  28. Marshall

    What media companies are involved with the interactive/experiential aspect of this NBA Experience? How would I go about connecting with Disney or NBA to offer our virtual/augmented reality, 360-degree/full-immersion, motion capture, projection mapping multi-media services?


    We deliver “hoooooly $#!+” experiences….and we want this to be a slam dunk for Disney.

  29. Bill

    NBA…….If you ever watch a game there are no family values on display. A bunch of spoiled brats! Very sad!

  30. That Girl

    Yeah, like Disney Quest wasn’t Ghetto enough! Great!!! Another Disney upgrade failiure

  31. Person

    This is the most blatant and recent attack Disney has made on its own magic. Disney Quest is a place were there were original ideas and creations happening, although they have not given it as much attention recently it was still enjoyable. They had a whole floor devoted to encouraging people to be creative.
    The NBA on the other hand is the complete opposite, they encourage children to ruin their bodies in a futile attempt to make millions by contributing nothing.
    But hey, let’s look on the bright side. The song booths on the second floor can be converted to teach children how to record their own racist phone call (bonus points if you use certain words) The technology for ride the comix can be used to create the most interactive wife-beating experience ever! just think of the possibilities.
    That paragraph of sarcasm aside though, I am deeply saddened by seeing a place I love be converted from a place of happyness, fun, and creativity into a place dedicated to racism, abuse, and anger.

    P.S. I feel sorry for Universal Halloween Horror Nights this year, because nothing they do to me can be as scary as what Disney is doing to them selves.

  32. Nate

    Why did Disney have to do this? F u disney

  33. Jennifer

    Idiots. Now with the new passes you have to get platinum plus at $775 and actually get less for your money since there is no disney quest. The new platinum plus includes ESPN and golf but those aren’t actually family type outings. I don’t think we will be renewing our annual passes.

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