Comments for Volcano Bay water park officially announced at Universal Orlando, third park to open in 2017


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    Is it opening in 2016 or 2017? The article and the headline don’t agree!

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      At Antony-Both say 2017…

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      uhhhh buddy they both say 2017…..

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    Jeany Sanchez


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    Jeff Lynch

    I am really wondering if they are going to blow everyone out of the water with this (pun intended). This is a great test to see if Universal is really learning the lessons of Harry Potter: will they spare no expense and make this truly immersive and very detailed (like the Potter stuff they have built) or will the go cheap (like they did with Simpsons)?

    To me, I think that part of the illustrations above look cheap…you can see those slides in the bright colors, distracting from the theme. Yes, it’s a water park…but if Universal is truly trying to create something new and make it a “water theme park”, then they should hide those slides and not have them be visible. Kind of like how they cheaped out and let the steel structures for the roller coasters in Hogsmeade stay visible and detract from the theming there.

    Wouldn’t it be great if a location in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie has a tropical or underwater setting that would lend itself nicely to inclusion in this water theme park? Then they could have a Harry Potter area here too.

    I think a SpongeBob area (Bikini Bottom) would be great in this park for little kids. They really could absolutely clobber Disney with this if they spend the right amount of money, don’t cheap out, and really go wild with the theming and detailing.

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      I do agree especially if the slide is on the volcano just hide the slide with vegitation or rocks but if out side like on a themed building such as Aquatica or wet and wilds Black hole.

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    Looks like Universals Version of Disneys Typhoon Lagoon water park. Instead of a Boat on Top. its Has a Water fall. at least they put a Ride in the Volcano. I need to see more Pics of the park to see how well the theme works.

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