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    Hello, I’ve read somewhere that this store has limited time. Do you know when it will be closed? I’m going to Orlando in the end of August. Thanks.

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    Looks fun, but I can’t picture any of the Avengers, Colson included, walking into the store looking for info or tech. Calling it “Headquarters” is a misnomer unless there’s a secret door hidden somewhere. 😉

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      I was there last week and my only concern is with the size of the store. Since it’s very popular, it gets crowded very quickly. They will definitely have to expend if they are going to keep this store around. Aside from that, it was a very interesting store and found some really cool stuff (the hulkbuster figurine !!!)

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    So, I’m guessing Universal wouldn’t even allow “SHIELD Headquarters”, even though it’s a store and not an attraction?

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      Gerald C

      Disney is forbidden to use the name Marvel, or any of its characters, in advertising, rides, store names, etc. This is only for parks east of the Mississippi, for U.S., and Japan. Rumor is that Disney is working on a deal with Universal, for the Marvel Themepark Rights.

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    angela Brister

    it would be nice to have one of these on the west coast

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    We had a chance to check this out on Saturday after seeing Age of Ultron at the Fork and Screen location at Disney Springs. There seemed to be a good variety of merchandise. There were even a few comics in the back of the store (a requirement for a store based around comic characters from my point of view). The size of the store creates some traffic and crowd issues. It was hard to walk around when I was there around 5PM on Saturday afternoon.

    I’m hoping this is just a test balloon and we may see a true Marvel store at Disney Springs that would offer a full selection of Marvel comics along with movie and TV show merchandise.

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    Can you get your own custom SHIELD ID here?

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      No, that’s the first thing I asked about.

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    I was just there this past week. Good store. Some stuff is pretty pricey. You can get your picture taken and photoshopped onto marvel character which was around $30 on up. Definitely a small store.

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    Tabby Cat

    Does anyone know what kind of souvenires they have? any autograph books for the parks or key chains?

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