Comments for Harambe Market opens at Animal Kingdom with African-inspired street vendor food and detailed theming


  1. Matt

    Wow – that looks really incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  2. star-w

    this is nice and all but where’s your post of spongebob sub pants? it qualifies as an attraction right? if you can get a post about the TOKYO port of star tours 2 surely you can get one of a texas attraction

  3. Eric

    This is so much inspiration of Busch Gardens Tampa all because this section is themed around Africa in the park, right?

  4. frostysnowman

    Every time we walk through the Harambe area, my husband, who was in the Peace Corps in Chad for 18 months, marvels at how much it actually resembles the African towns he lived in and near.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      What part of Africa did your husband Chad live in? I have been wondering what part, specifically, Disney used as inspiration for Harambe. To me it looks a lot like Botswana as seen on the old Ladies Detective Agency show on HBO.

      1. frostysnowman

        In a village not to far from the capital city, D’Jamaina. (not sure if I spelled that correctly)

  5. Brandy

    So zero vegetarian foods ? It always stuns me that Animal Kingdom, the park celebrating animals, is the park where it is hardest to find food without dead animals in it…. Weird.

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