Harambe Market opens at Animal Kingdom with African-inspired street vendor food and detailed theming

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A new quick-service dining option opened up this weekend at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Harambe Market, located in the Harambe Village area that also houses the Kilimanjaro Safari and Festival of the Lion King, is set up as an outdoor marketplace with four different walk up windows to order some delectable African-inspired food and drinks.

The new Harambe Market area is incredibly detailed and makes you really feel like you are stepping into a real African market with all the accompanied sights, smells and sounds. Around every little corner there are signs and props that piques your interest. This is classic Disney theming at its best, immersing you in an environment.

The market doesn’t just have the street vendor food, but also plenty of shaded seating, which is something Animal Kingdom have been in desperate need of as it’s one of the hottest parks during the summer. There is no air condition unfortunately, but some fans gives the guests a nice breeze. The passing Wildlife Express Train gives kids a nice little distraction while waiting for the food and for adults there are plenty of Hidden Mickey’s to search for all over the market.

So lets take a closer look at the wonderful food Harambe Market offers. The four different walk up windows all feature one specialty, which does break your party up if you all want to try something different.

First, you have Wanjohi Refreshments, the window for all your drinking needs. Here you can find specialty drinks in a souvenir mug, wine and beer.

Kitamu Grill was definitely the most popular option the day we visited with a long line all day. This vendor offers ground beef flatbread and grilled chicken skewers. Trying both of these offerings, our group was pleasantly surprised with both the size and price of them. The ground beef flatbread was definitely the favorite with the entree coming with two flatbreads making it easy to share. Both entrees come with a tomato, broccoli and red onion salad in a spicy vinaigrette.

Boerewors Famous Sausages features the interesting curry corn dog. The corn dog also comes with the broccoli, tomato and red onion salad. The sausage itself is dipped in a curried corn batter and has a very flavorful and spicy taste. Everyone at our table definitely would come back for more.

The last window is Chef Mwanga’s Ribs that serve up a huge chunk of spice-rubbed rib with a chickpea salad. All of us were shocked at the size of this rib and how tender and flavorful it was. Rib fans will definitely enjoy this and even though it is the priciest option at Harambe Market we all felt it was worth the money.

You can also find a unique dessert at Harambe Market, the African Milk Tart. This is a coconut custard in a chocolate shell and the taste is just divine, especially if you like coconut.

Animal Kingdom has always been a good park for more interesting quick-service options, a break from the hamburgers and hot dogs that is saturating the other Disney Parks, and Harambe Market fits right into that category. If you want to try something different, flavorful and ethnic this should be your first stop.


in Disney, Food, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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