Comments for Disneyland debuts all-new “World of Color Celebrate” updating nighttime spectacular with more excitement, Walt and Mickey


  1. star-w

    well done but it does have 2 songs in it that were sick off by now though

  2. Kirsten

    Totally agree about the emotional element. That Lion King moment really gets you, and the ending music is much better in the original. On the YouTube page, I mentioned this seems more of a successor to The First 50 Magical Years than to World of Color. Also, they need to make more use of the fountains. The Bellagio fountains are fun because of how they use the fountains to go along with the music. The effects with them here seemed more of an afterthought.

    It was good, just not great like I was hoping.

    1. Kevin

      I disagree. I always hated the Lion King moment. You only feel sympathy for Simba in World of Color by remembering what he is like in the movie. This violates one of the number one rules of dramatic storytelling, you have to get to know the characters before you can feel sad for them. My daughter saw world of color before she ever saw Lion King. She laughed at Simba’s little cry for his father all the way back to the hotel and still thinks it’s funny even now that she’s seen the movie.

      I don’t think the World of Color format can tell a story that intimate and personal like Fantasmic can. No live characters. And the script has always been too segmented with not even a simple through line of story.

  3. Richard

    What has happened to Mickeys face on the wheel. Does that screen cover only come out in the evening?

    1. Dave

      My question too. It must. Cool idea

      1. CK

        It’s called projections. 🙂

        1. John

          Yes, CK, but the whole face is white. There is no black or red parts shown. So again we need to figure this out. Either the face does a 180 turn and they project on the back side of it. Or a thin white motorized pulley type system (scrim) screen comes over and covers the (daytime) face. I’d like to know more about this.

  4. david

    looks beautiful, but NPH AGAIN? Why is he shoehorned in there? He’s become the harry anderson of the 21st century.

  5. Jonathan Y.

    The new show basically seems to condense the moments of the original show into one segment. Still good and I love how the segments includes scenes from a wide selection of Disney/Pixar films, but I agree it’s not as emotional as the original’s Lion King, So Close, and Transformation moments, mainly because it doesn’t have time to. The new show does do a good job at paying tribune to Walt, Mickey, and Disneyland, and that’s the heart of the new show.

    The “Celebrate the Magic” theme song is also used at the Magic Kingdom for “Celebrate the Magic”.

  6. Addi

    I like the concept of the new show, but I definitely think that it lacks the heart of the original show. I hope that Disney recognizes that the show is not the same without the Lion King, Colors of the Wind, and the Pirates section. Not to mention the opening and closing songs of the original show were catchier and more fleshed out. I also could have done without Neil Patrick Harris and the segment covering Walt Disney World. Although the segments with Walt were great, I think that the focus of the show has changed for the worse.

  7. Charles

    Sometimes I think less is more. I believe the show is amazing, but I also think it lost its original spirit. The show was about dancing fountains, now I cant really appreciate that. Too much lighst, smoke, fire, too much things happening at the same time with a huge lack of sense. The soundtrack isnt either as good as the original which had several moments which really touched your heart. I really miss the little mermade orquesthra arrengement, the lion king, and the opening songs and moments. This new world of color is like disneyland forever but on water. I feel the show lost its concept and that it changed for worse. Moreover I believe neil patrick isnt necessary at all, they chose a very basic way to tell us a story that can be told without anything than songs and effects as they have done before. Want the original world of color back! Thank tou for reading and would like to know your opinions.

  8. Art

    bring back the little mermaid, Aladdin. Pirates,, get rid of this soulless crap. At least give us the other show at the the other time.

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