Comments for Cobra’s Curse spinning roller coaster announced for Busch Gardens Tampa to open in 2016


  1. EricF

    Wow, SeaWorld is going crazy with upcoming attractions.

  2. Chad

    EricF – This roller coaster is going to be a Busch Gardens.

    1. Josh

      Which is owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

      1. Chad

        I didn’t know that, but that still doesn’t change anything. The article says the ride is in Busch Gardens, and the comment mentions Seaworld. If you didn’t know that Seaworld owns it, and the article doesn’t explain that, you are going to be confused about why someone is talking about Seaworld in an article about a ride at Busch Gardens.

        From a park perspective, they are two different parks. If you go to Seaworld, you won’t see this ride. You have to go to Busch Gardens which is an hour and a half away from Seaworld.

        1. th3m3p4rk

          The article says that SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are sister parks

          1. Chad

            Fine. I still stand by my clarification.

  3. Dave

    Wow, that looks very good for what they bill as a kiddie coaster.

    Not sure how good the idea of a vertical lift is though.

  4. David

    This doesn’t look like the normal family coaster. Looks a bit more extreme! 😛

  5. David

    May I add LOVE the idea of a indoor air conditioned queue line! This coaster win stand of for many reasons now. 🙂

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