Comments for Innoventions to close March 31 at Disneyland, rumors point to Marvel or Star Wars replacement


  1. Mad Malx

    While I’m sad to see this go, I’m glad that they’re branching out to possibly include some of the newer properties in the park.

  2. Jason

    ummmm…never was home to the carousel of progress

    1. Matt

      Ummm… Yes it was. Carousel of Progress was the building’s original purpose.

      1. Katy

        Actually, the building used to be a futuristic restaurant. CoP wasn’t added until the mid-60’s after it’s debut at the worlds fair.

        1. Craig Svonkin

          Katy, I don’t believe that is exactly correct. The space where Carousel of Progress was placed may have been a restaurant, but when Carousel came in 1967, it was in a brand new building. Disney tore down most of the 1955 Tomorrowland, and started from scratch (something I wish they’d do again). And I wouldn’t get your hopes up, anyone, for any radical changes. I think we’ll probably see more Marvel meet and greets on the top floor, and rumor is that the bottom floor will get a Disneyland history exhibit, which is something planned for but never built for Disneyland’s 50th. This is clearly not a great use of the building. If there were a popular show in there, they could see an hourly capacity of 3,500. That could mean a huge impact on Disneyland’s crowd situation on a crowded day. Disney really should build something good there to use the theater as it was intended to be used, or in some way other than as a walk-through.

  3. Katie

    Does anyone know if Captain America and Thor will have a meet and greet location in another area after March 30th? I really hope they won’t disappear along with Innoventions! 🙁

    1. Vanessa Bouyea

      The Marvel characters have been relocated just outside innoventions around the corner from the Jedi Training Academy stage 🙂

  4. Derek

    More Marvel please have hulk and the flash and spiderman

  5. Tammy

    It use to be America Sings and that is what it should have stayed as. I miss that ride.

    1. Sam

      Tammy, as cool as that ride sounded, it’s no wonder they closed it since it was gaining less attention, maybe because the story of Deborah Stone scared people off.

  6. Debbie


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