Comments for D-Tales #11: Hidden Disney History at Winnie the Pooh brings back 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mr. Toad


  1. Chaz

    I actually really like the painting of Owl with Mr. Toad. Beyond just being a nice tribute, it’s a really creative tribute, much more than California’s Winnie the Pooh ride.

  2. DJkiwiMango

    Thank you Kevin and all the inside the magic contributors! I get excited every time I see a new D-tales added. Kevin, you do a great job of pointing out items I never knew had ties to old attractions, history of the parks, etc… Thank you also for adding the photos! It took me 11 D-tales to finally just go ahead and buy Walt Disney World Hidden History (2nd ed.).

    Two requests Kevin: 1) More please! 2) Could you compare differences between same attractions in different parks (ex. Pirates in DL, WDW, and DL Paris)?

    Thank you again Kevin!!

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