Comments for Harry Potter Celebration highlights at Universal Orlando include Luna Lovegood wand duel, making of Diagon Alley


  1. Eifiki Robertson

    Hi ,
    Given the fact that everyone want to join the communities that create such wonderful places like that ones , and for instance the disney world in Orlando and all the other similar places that are created for this amazing and simple purpose which is to entertain and make the people there enjoy their time. And the best is that even the SD and http://www.usatips4brits.co.uk/ confirmed that statement.

  2. James

    Harry Potter is a FAILURE to the Universal franchise. For one, IT’S FRICKIN’ WARNER BROTHERS!!!!! And currently is a plague to the good rides. I have PROOF that keeping JAWS would’ve been a better decision. In this video: https://youtu.be/jGNd1CYOKbY

    Josh shows multiple Harry Potter employees, and their answer to: Would you rather work here or be a skipper. All replied skipper.

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