Comments for D-Tales #10: Kilimanjaro Safari hides huge backstory infused with Disney history

Kilimanjaro Safaris animals

Credit: Disney


  1. Jay

    Actually the song that plays during the ride is Hapa Duniani, by a group called African Dawn. it is not Baba Yetu, The Lord’s Prayer in Swahili.

  2. Frank

    Does anyone know of their exist a video ride thru or images of the original ending before it was changed. I have always been interested in how disney portrayed the death of “big red”. thanks in advance.

  3. rjp3

    There were some issues with the presentation to be sure — on my first experience on the Safari an black family sat behind me. We ended watching live human white people shoot at black robots who were the bad people in an a recreation of Africa. It was a bit uncomfortable to be sure. That said — the experience is a whole lot less dark now.

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