Comments for Walt Disney World to begin removal of Sorcerer Mickey Hat on January 7 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


  1. Kyle

    Even though I like having The Great Movie ride more visible, I will miss the Sorcerer’s Hat. If only there were a better spot to move it to.

    1. Ron

      They should put the hat on top of the golf ball and add mickey ears!

      1. SWC Member

        …golf ball? You mean the sculpture or whatever in EPCOT? I’ve never even been to WDW, and I know that would be horrifying.

        1. Andrew

          It’s called a geosphere.

    2. Kevin

      is this where they will put the new starbucks trolley cafe

  2. Winthrop

    It would be nice if they moved it to The Hollywood Hills Amphitheater so it could greet people going to Fantasmic

  3. Alison

    The Death Star!

  4. Gretchen Camp

    You know that the Backlot Area is most likely going to be the Radiator Springs, like the California Adventure park area….goes perfectly with the car show already there.

    1. Swatson

      Gretchen no that is not correct. John Lasseter has already said he wants unique attractions between East and west.

      1. DCast

        Gretchen although this is a great idea, The main idea could be a Toy Story extension as this area of the park is very popular. I for one would love to see this, also there has been talk of extending Star wars area. I would miss Indiana Jones but It would be good to see the park upgrade.

  5. Michael

    Thank goodness! Good riddance!

  6. Dallas

    Oh please, it was supposed to be temporary in the first place. It’s outstayed it’s welcome for far too long.

  7. frostysnowman

    Hooray! My year is getting off to a great start. There are plenty of other places in the World that this hat could be put to use. Outside the park, which is pretty sparse, would be just one of them.

  8. shannon

    put it out in front of the entrance so people can still take pictures with it dont move it out all together

  9. DeaconTAZ

    Icons are ment to stay put…..leave it right where it is.

    1. JSelena

      you mean like how the Earful Tower stayed out when it was the park icon before?

      1. JSelena


    2. Frostysnowman

      Except this was not meant to be an icon, it was meant to be temporary.

  10. Jo

    Yaaaaay! This is such great news. I always thought the hat was an eye sore and covered up one of the best structures in the park. Now if only they could restore the entrance to Epcot and get rid of all of the ugly granite.

    1. Frostysnowman

      I so agree with you. All that granite is such an eye sore.

    2. NEN

      I totally agree! Those granite slabs are an abomination to what used to be a magnificent entrance plaza area. I’m sorry but they remind me somewhat of a memorial. They’re dreadful!

    3. Since I did not first visit Walt Disney World until after both the big hat was in the Studios and the granite slabs were at EPCOT, this is the only way I know the parks from experience. But I will be happy to see the big hat go as it blocks the view that makes the Hollywood street scene complete. I do hope the hat moves somewhere else that is more appropriate and it is pretty cool on its own.

      As far as the granite at EPCOT, it always makes me think I am in the “Cemetery of the future”. It just feels very, very creepy. I would be just as happy to see that get moved somewhere else as well so I did not have to walk through it.

      1. Frostysnowman

        Hahaha, cemetery of the future!! That’s great.

  11. Dallas

    I don’t understand why people like the hat… it’s the worst park Icon ever built.

  12. Jeff Lynch

    What I don’t see noted here is that the hat was meant to be temporary; like the arms and wand added to the EPCOT Spaceship Earth, the hat was not supposed to be a permanent thing. As I understand things from reading articles on several other sites, Disney didn’t budget teardown and removal of the hat into construction costs for the years after the hat was constructed. Disney is one of the most penny-pinching companies around, so the executives started saying that the hat was cheaper to leave up than to tear down. So they left it up. Then the urban legend stated that the hat was needed to cover up the Chinese Theater because Disney lost the rights to use it in the park (but somehow putting a giant hat in front of it was a legal loophole that allowed Disney to not tear the Chinese Theater down, only cover it from certain views; this is still the dumbest urban legend I have ever read but 80% of Disney fans probably believe this). I think the reason the hat is being torn down now is for safety reasons: it was not mean to last this long and it is falling apart. So, it’s being torn down.

    Since it was not meant to last, it can’t be moved elsewhere and reassembled. Personally, I think that Disney SHOULD rebuild it somewhere else, but put it in an appropriate place where it would make sense and it would not block the view of something else. There’s no reason this hat structure can’t be built in a permanent sense as a weenie elsewhere in Disney Hollywood Adventure (which is the new name of the park from what I understand in 2016).

    1. EricJ

      I thought the urban legend was that the hat was Trojan-Horse “sneaked in” under the guise of the 100 Years pin celebration, and left up as first sign that the park was now moving its theme away from “movie production”–since there was no backlot production anymore by ’01–to be in place for the theme shift to “movie magic”.
      And that it’s being torn down now for the new theme shift away from THAT.

      We keep confusing it with the Epcot wand which -was- temporary, for the Millennium celebration, and which they were too cheap to tear down. The Hat was not an “accident”, no matter what you believe.

      1. Jeff Lynch

        EricJ, I don’t buy your version simply because the thing was not well-made. It’s crumbling inside. It’s a few years away from being a safety hazard. If you are to be believed and there was really a conspiracy to secretly “Trojan Horse” this in, then they would have built it to last and made it permanent. They would have built the permanent stage there. That’s not what happened.

        The truth is that this was supposed to be a temporary thing and was budgeted and constructed as temporary. But there was no budget set aside to tear it down. And creative execs realized they would actually SAVE MONEY by not tearing it down. So it stayed up.

        But there was no conspiracy and secret plot to “Trojan Horse” this into the park and then get away with having it there. That makes no sense.

        1. EricJ

          Whatever reason it went up–and they did switch rather quickly from the Tower to using the Hat as the new symbolic print-logo of the park, at the time–official semi-confirmed word is that it IS going down because of the thematic shift to “Hollywood Adventure”.
          Not because they “got tired of it”, or “re-appreciated Great Movie Ride”, but any structural damage certainly pushed up the agenda after the Fantasyland and DCA upgrades were finished. Although the chance to keep the stage permanent also helped.

  13. I personally think this hat should be relocated else where in park, since it is nice monument to take memorable pictures tourist will surely miss it, it’s a shame to remove it to get a better look of another attraction… Sacrifice one for an other

    1. Dallas

      It’s not just to get a view of an attraction… it’s to restore the view the park was originally designed to have.

      1. EricJ

        The Hat was not just a hat…it was Sorcerer Mickey’s hat. “Disney Magic”, get it?
        That’s why it was brought in to get our minds off of a backlot that wasn’t being used (I was never there between ’90 and ’01, and thankfully never got to see that fake “Music video” being shot at the end of the Backlot Tour, for lack of anything else the production facilities were doing), and onto “75 years of Disney movies” in general.

        With the change, as Jeff noted, to “Disney’s Hollywood Adventure”, the park is more likely going to be themed back to classic old-style Hollywood, at the center of other movie-themed areas.
        Which makes Grauman’s Chinese a much more fitting symbol for the hub, although ten bucks says they’ll keep the Frozen stage there anyway.

        1. Will

          The hat was originally brought in to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WDW. Same reason the ears and wand were at EPCOT, same reason the Castle was turned into a birthday cake. The reasoning behind leaving it up may have been to save a buck, but it wasn’t brought in due to a theme change. Every park had an iconic shift during the 1996-97 year to celebrate.

  14. Nicole

    It would be nice to have the iconic hat moved elsewhere within the park. But I agree the Studios needs to be updated as does the Great Movie Ride. Honestly there is not enough rides to keep children’s interest. There should be a Disney Cars or Planes attraction. I understand keeping the East separate from the West, but keeping boys interests is really important. I would love to see some type of Cars attraction within Hollywood Studios, it makes alot of sense, especially with the Lights, Motors, Action show and the McQueen/Mater photo op. The only other place for boys to see Disney Cars year round at WDW is at the Art of Animation (we’ve stayed there twice since I have a boy and a girl and tried to balance the princess allotment with boy interest. If there is any way to make Cars more mainstream, it would be a major asset to the WDW experience.

    1. Frostysnowman

      Cars Land at DCA is amazing and I wish they would build something similar in Florida.

    2. I think boys will be plenty interested in a new Star Wars area that we all know is coming at some point.

      We keep hearing there is not enough in the parks for boys. Especially in the Magic Kingdom. But as far as I can tell, with the exception of Fantasyland, the majority of the park is themed for boys. There is Space adventure in Tomorrowland, Cowboy adventures in Frontierland, Pirates and wild animals in Adventureland, A haunted house, boats, Tomorrowland Speedway, etc. If that is not enough for boys then they don’t have very good imaginations.

  15. Derek

    Why can’t you guys just put the movie ride in front of the hat?
    And where will you guys move Mickey’s hat?

  16. Patricia Patel

    I think they should move it to one of the resorts or better yet, put stairs around the inside, cut a door and make it a water slide at one of the water parks!

  17. Dave

    With all the big changes coming to the studios, I’m betting that since a significant portion of the old Hollywood theme is going away soon, what will be left doesn’t need to be further chopped up by the hat. I hate it where it is, but think it could be well-suited for use elsewhere. But that’s not going to happen. If you saw the bazillion pieces that the Epcot wand was turned into, the hat won’t survive as is. Think of this, the hat had to be built to survive hurricanes, it will take way too long and interfere too much with the flow of traffic around it to disassemble it. Hopefully with Lasseter involved on some level, the new version of the park will be awesome, we’ll see…

  18. Renata luzes

    i didn’t like! I love The hat! : (

  19. Eric

    I’m going to miss that hat.

  20. Princess Ray

    The hat should 100% be put up in front of the entrance or near Fantasmic. This has become the Hollywood Studios icon wether it was intended to be or not. And changing a park’s icon simply is a poor decision. Unmagical choice by the Disney cast. Much disappointment.

  21. It was hard to accepted at the beginning, but it ended up being a classic, hope it would be move somewhere inside WDW !

  22. Bryan Abbott

    But the Hat was not the Original Icon at the Park. The Earful Tower was the Icon. I know a lot of guests liked the hat, but the placement was just bad.

  23. Kyle

    Never gonna happen. That was meant to be the icon and they are not going to change it now. Don’t forget, the tree houses an attraction.

  24. Tracy

    Thank you Disney for giving attention to this much needed park! With the popularity of films in our culture as well as Disney’s acquisition of Marvel and the Star Wars franchise, an upgrade is much, much, MUCH needed! Would love to see Planes and Planes: Fire and Rescue somehow incorporated into the park as well as Cars and more Pixar areas! (The Fredrickson House from “Up” comes to mind!!). Though I get the excitement over “Frozen”, lets not turn Walt Disney World into Walt Disney World: A FROZEN theme park! Would also love to see homage paid to Disney classics like Fred MacMurray’s Flubber, the Apple Dumpling Gang, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, all those movies I saw at the drive-in with my parents when I was a kid. The best part of WDW is visiting it as an adult and remembering what it’s like to be a kid. That’s what makes the stress bearable during the time between trips!!

  25. Taylor

    Also there is supposedly a oil drill “in” the tree.

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