Walt Disney World to begin removal of Sorcerer Mickey Hat on January 7 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Just after the Christmas season ends, the iconic Sorcerer Mickey Hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will begin to be removed.

As part of the park’s ongoing upgrade and renovation, the 122-foot-tall Sorcerer Hat at the end of Hollywood Boulevard will be dismantled, leaving a clear view of the Great Movie Ride behind it for the first time in more than a decade.

For many years, a large temporary stage has frequently been erected in front of the hat for special events like Star Wars Weekends. Reports suggest a new permanent stage for such events will replace the hat, though Disney has not officially announced these details.

Regardless of its replacement, the famous hat will soon be no more, perhaps leaving the Earffel Tower as the park’s new icon.

The Great Movie Ride will also soon receive attention, as Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will begin sponsorship of the attraction, updating its pre- and post-show films. Elsewhere in the park, the Backlot Tour has closed, leaving much room for future expansion, likely to be announced later this year.

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