Comments for VIDEO: Watch as Disney Cruise Line rescues overboard Royal Caribbean passenger


  1. Barbara Sanchez

    This is exactly why I will only sail with Disney Cruise Lines, cuz obviously they go out of their way for people, where as other cruise ships would just leave you there and pretend like nothing happened! Look up all the other cruise ships reports and you’ll see what I mean, they have had tons of incidents where as Disney has not even had one! Disney is by Fer the BEST!!!

    1. Robert Smith

      I think you’re being a little silly if you think that ONLY DCL would attempt a rescue of an overboard passenger. You basically just said that everyone else would have simply kept going and let him die.
      Also, your statement about disney not having any incidents is a little naive as well. DCL is still a very young cruise line. They aren’t protected by some magical force field. Something will happen eventually. What matters is how it’s handled.

    2. Jamman

      I think you’ll find you are wrong with everything you have said. Ironically I have just come back from a Royal Caribbean Cruise which also coincidently visited Cozumel, Mexico, however it wasn’t the same ship. Anyway, under no circumstances would any ship leave behind and forget a man over board, no matter how big or small the ship is! By law, every single ship has to go to the scene of a nautical incident if they are in the proximity. They are all able to radio each other and its probably the case that the DCL ship was closest, bearing in mind that one of their passengers spotted the man. Its likely that the DCL ship rushed towards the man first.
      In another case for example almost 3 years ago I too was onboard the Oasis of the Sea in the Mediterranean. It was night time and the ship had to divert its course in order to save a vessel in danger that was full of illegal immigrants who were crossing the ocean to get to a safe country. It just so happened that we were closest, so just like the DCL in Cozumel, we rescued the people.
      And on the comment you made that DCL has not made 1 incident, you are wrong. I can tell you for a fact that many allegations have been made against Crew Members who had sexually assaulted young adults!
      I do agree however that DCL is a good cruise line, but however so are all cruise liners, as the run such a ‘tight ship’ 😛 pun intended. However accidents happenen to the best of us.

    3. Rich

      Ridiculous. I love Disney as much as any but EVERY cruise ship would have done the same and have. Take off the blinders. Sheesh.

    4. Zach

      Jeeeeez drink some more kool-aid.

  2. Brenda Caraway

    I think it’s cool that Disney rescued that guy. You here a lot of stories that people fall over board but not off of Disney’s boat. Great going Disney Curse line.

  3. Karen

    That’s one way to get on a Disney cruise.

    Seriously – glad the passenger heard him and he was able to be rescued.

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