Comments for PHOTOS: First look inside Walt Disney World’s new Polynesian Bungalows, set to open April 1


  1. Leann

    What will the prices be like and when will the public be able to see them on the websites?

    1. Nicole

      Most recently dvc memberships for royal Floridian were about $160 per point and you need to purchase 100 points minimum. Per point cost may or may not increase to purchase into this location.

  2. Dory Jalbert

    I am praying for you! !!:-) but i still need to LAUGH! !!

  3. Tracy

    When they say “private plunge pool” what exactly are they talking about? Any thoughts?

    1. Eric

      The plunge pool is a small but deep pool on the deck of the bunalow. It can fit about 5 to 8 people based on what I have read.

  4. Randall Mateling

    Are these wheelchair accessible? If not why not? Been a DVC member since OKW was the Vacation Club and had coral towels.Now well getting old stinks….

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