Comments for Impressive Peter Pan’s Flight interactive queue debuts dazzling pixie dust at Walt Disney World

Peter Pans Flight


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    Is this permanently open to guests now? I tried to go see it a few months ago, but they had closed it again to add more.

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    Thanks for sharing that make you want to wait on line

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    Ugh. I want to say that I hope this comes to Disneyland, but I can’t imagine how given how microscopic the queue is.

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    60 days and i’ll be standing in that line…. we always avoid PPF but now i cant wait to try out the line!

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    The tinkerbell / pixie dust effects are amazing and beautiful. They really did a good job on this.

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    Wife says we need to go back now. 🙂 Love what they are doing with the queues. I was actually a little upset the lines were so long (120+) over Christmas and we had to use the fastpasses at the Mine Train. I wanted to see the queue.

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    I was there just yesterday it’s awesome. The queue is now almost as good as the ride

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