Comments for First Look Inside New Polynesian Villas As Walt Disney World Unveils Largest Vacation Club Deluxe Studio Rooms

Polynesian Villas


  1. Ann Pemberton

    It looked like the bed was only a double. I would have thought they would be queen size beds. Not any dressers for clothes. I only saw a closet.

  2. Matt

    Now the “big 3” resorts on the MK monorail
    will have DVC rooms. Too bad the Poly had to
    give up 1/3 of its resort to DVC. Modern-
    contenporary seems to the theme through
    all 3 properties. Kinda surprised Poly & GF
    went this route. They look slick and clean, but
    feels a little like the Hilton hotels. Oh well….

  3. Dave

    My teens just don’t want to sleep on a pull out couch and I can’t blame them. I wish they would made studios with two beds. Pointless for the bungalow rooms are just ridiculous. I’ll stick to two bedrooms at our favorite resorts.

  4. Lisa

    I agree with Dave. We paid extra to upgrade to a DVC room last Christmas and my kids HATED the pull out beds. We learned our lesson. When I asked where they wanted to stay this year they said ‘anywhere except the room with the pull out’. I just can’t see the reason for these prices when the rooms are not adequate for families with kids over 6 years old! We will also be sticking with ‘regular’ rooms with two normal beds. And we will be eligible for free dining when it’s offered. Thanks anyway DVC.

  5. Is that Britney Lee artwork I see around the rooms? 😀

    Love the colors!

  6. Stacey Carter

    For those who want lower points: stay at Saratoga Springs or Old Key west. For those not wanting a pull out bed, there are many other resorts with one and 2 bedrooms.
    Polynesian Village is not the ony resort. If the shoe doesnt fit, get another shoe or just go barefoot…

  7. Queenie

    I am sorry the rooms are just ugly! It looks like the Brady Bunch goes to a Hawaii Walmart. YECK! The cost is ridiculous!

  8. Along for the ride

    I agree with the comment about the sleeping arrangements also 5 people with nowhere to put suitcases.. and wouldn’t a bath and 1/2 make more since?
    Does anyone else think maybe Disney should have thought this through.. people will end up peeing in that shower.. Gross!!! 🙁

    1. Waltdisneyfan

      Old Key West studio’s have two beds in them. My home resort right now is Bay Lake Tower but I see the Polynesian as one my home resorts in the near future. I love the new villa’s. You can bring a collapsible linen hanger for the closet to put clothes in. We are staying there in July and will probably add points. I can’t wait. 🙂

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