Comments for Review: “Into The Woods” Reinvents Fairy Tales As Disney Wins Over Sondheim Fans And Musical Newcomers Alike

Into The Woods


  1. EricJ

    If you’re not familiar with the Broadway show, the 80’s PBS airing of the original Sondheim/Lapine production also hit Blu-ray ahead of the movie (don’t be confused by the cover, although the company’s hoping you will):
    The movie’s pretty faithful to the stage musical–ie., the movie didn’t “make up” the idea of fairytale reimaginings–although the original had more conventions for a stage format. How did they handle the Narrator, in this one?

  2. Taylor

    I agree with Eric J if not familiar the blu ray of the original broadway cast production is availible..and Eric they cut the nareator accoding to reports. Hope this helps anyone out and i cannot wait to see this film!

  3. Ryan

    Can’t wait to see it for myself.

  4. Moonkid

    Into The Woods should replace Aladdin: A Musical Spetacular at Disney California Adventure

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