Comments for D-Tales #8: Carousel of Progress hides Disney History in plain sight with amazing details and tributes

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

Credit: Disney

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  1. Nicky

    And to think that all this time, I questioned who Marty was! Now I feel silly! But as a history fanatic I was very interested in learning of John’s (fathers) newspaper. I read a corresponding article that argued of the dates placement in the attraction, saying original Walt described the scene as ‘before the turn of the century’ and nothing more..BUT if you watch ‘Disneyland Goes to the Worlds Fair’ and the scene where he is looking at the newspaper, Walt ‘asks him’ of the date and Walt said ‘1890’.

    Granted he had a different newspaper that was spread across his lap, and here it’s folded up. Maybe John’s career is a historian?

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