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  1. Lori

    I’m not sure we need another restaurant in NOS. It’s going to need a name change to Restaurant Alley.

    1. Fred

      Well, it’s not the like the real New Orleans doesn’t have a lot of restaurants.

    2. joserus

      As long as it is not taking space away from a previously public area then it is fine.

  2. Stephanie

    Just what we need another high-priced restaurant that the already high spending average guests can’t afford. To boot it serves alcohol! Let’s just hope that the higher accessibility of the drink has limits so we don’t contribute to the dis enjoyment of guests around us. My idea was to put another needed restaurant in fantasyland. A lady and the tramp theme that would serve a relatively low cost low overhead pasta and also combine the somewhat hard to find Pet merchandise throughout the park!

  3. Heather

    Yes, because club 33 needs to take up more space in the park. Pretty soon it will be “Club 33members only” for the whole park. Always focused on the wrong thing Disney. 🙁

  4. 5430

    While Tomorrowland continues to fall apart.

    1. Jag


  5. HP0802

    As an annual pass holder, I have been to the park quite a few times. The park DOES NOT need alcohol outside the confines of Club 33. That was the whole point Walt was trying to make. You don’t need alcohol to have fun with your family. It was a point of his for a family to be together without the need of a parent ‘needing a drink’. I know that this is for private parties, but this is exactly what Walt did not want. We already have cast members walking around outside the park with their costumes on (which Walt didn’t want, either) and quite a few other things that he was against. Please try to keep this WALT’s vision. Because this is sorely not it. Just go to California Adventure and get your alcohol there. Don’t bring it to Disneyland.

    1. bebe75

      For what I’m spending, the long lines and massive amount of kids you better believe I’m having drinks in Disneyland and California Disney. Who doesn’t love sipping through Disney? It makes it that much more happier. I’ll be sipping there this month.

      1. egamer25

        Alchoholic! If you can’t handle Disneyland without a drink, maybe you shouldn’t be going! Just a thought!

        1. Kiki

          that’s a pretty judgemental comment. Just because likes a drink to relax and enjoy the day, doesn’t make them an alcoholic.

    2. WalterD

      Walt actually allowed cast members to ride the attractions while on break (in costume).

    3. Austin

      I’m sorry, but I really really hate when people think they know what Walt would or wouldn’t want. You didn’t know him personally. If he were alive today, you don’t know what point of view he would have.

      Stop it.

  6. drrmddl

    The photo you have posted as “recently refurbished” Club 33 dining room is pre-remodeling! The photo is not of the new dining area.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      You’re right! I pulled it from the wrong gallery. Fixed now. Thanks.

    2. Mickey007

      This photo is of Le Grand Salon! You can tell by the flooring, the old dining room had run down flooring that could not be refurbished hence the major remodel of the Club.

  7. Scott Mills

    The story regarding to new restaurant on 21 Royal Street is a false rumor!
    If anything they are adding extra space for Club 33.
    No other restaurant is being added to Disneyland at this time.

  8. B knight

    This space is for singular parties. One reservation. It will offer what the, now gone, trophy room did, a place for large parties for members of the club. There has been nothing from Disney that this will be open to non-members. Public access is a rumor was started on forums. Members can book now.

  9. Volantiad

    So, if I understand this article correctly, the new 16 seat venue is less of a restaurant ~ where people could call Disney Dining, for example, and make a reservation ~ and more of a very small banqueting area for special occasions. Like, if I wanted to eat there, I’d need to pay for all 16 seats at once. Is that kinda how this sounds to anyone else?


    Just got off the phone. Called Disney Dining and asked if I could make a reservation at 21 Royal St. Cast member was kinda stumped so I explained that it may be part of Club 33. So, she connected me to Club 33 Member Services. I asked the cast member if I could make a reservation at 21 Royal St. and she said that, unfortunately, at this time, they don’t even know when it’s going to open up. I asked her if she could clarify if it was going to remain a part of Club 33 or if it was going to be open to the public and she said that she hadn’t been told explicitly and that it seemed like that might still be up in the air.

    So, that’s hot off the 4G LTE!

  10. Tom

    Just informed through Club Member Services that 21 Royal officially accepting reservations.

  11. Marc

    The article clearly stated it’s a dinning experience in an existing dining room previously closed to the public not a new restaurant. Max capacity is 16 guests. And just announced to experience such a lavish 7 course meal it will set you back 15,000$. You can take a Disney cruise with a family of 4 for that much, and have money to spend at the ports.

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