21 Royal Street private dining venue coming to Disneyland, Club 33 members to get first look in New Orleans Square

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Not long after the newly renovated Club 33 made its debut, Disneyland is already working on a new private function space for New Orleans Square.

21 Royal Street is the name of the new “dining and entertainment venue,” as Disney’s calling it. Much like Club 33, the name comes from a New Orleans Square street address, currently found just down the path from the original Club door and the Blue Bayou.

Update: Disneyland reached out to clarify that 21 Royal Street will not be a new restaurant, but rather a private dining space. It will initially be available to be booked for Club 33 members and their guests and may open to public bookings in the future. The new venue will not impact the Dream Suite.

The existing 21 Royal Street hanging sign can be seen on the left side of this New Orleans Square photo. The Blue Bayou is further down, with Club 33 beyond that.

Details of the new 21 Royal Street restaurant have yet to be publicly announced by Disney, but this “one-of-a-kind” venue will reportedly feature a high end dining experience in an extremely intimate environment. Club 33 members have been told it can accept private parties of up to 16 guests.

The space will not be a restaurant but rather available for private bookings. They may serve alcohol there, much like in the private spaces of Club 33.

Walt Disney World previously made waves in Florida when they announced the Be Our Guest restaurant would be the first Magic Kingdom establishment to serve alcohol in the park to day guests. Now some of the same debates are taking place among Disneyland fans as to whether such drinks should be part of a daily routine at the family-friendly park.

Disney Dose also reports the entrance to 21 Royal Street will include a staircase inspired by old Herb Ryman artwork of New Orleans Square. Fans who lament the loss of the Court of Angels staircase may find some solace in this new addition.

Disneyland’s Court of Angels, once public, now used as the private entrance for Club 33.

Members will have the first opportunity to dine at the new restaurant in early 2015, giving them a chance to compare to the recently updated Club dining room and addition of the members-only lounge.

The recently refurbished Club 33 dining room.
Le Salon Nouveau, the members-only area of Club 33.
The view from a Club 33 balcony, looking down on 21 Royal Street.

Club 33 members have also recently been notified of some changes to a few of their benefits. With the upcoming addition of an upscale restaurant for all park guests, some members are left wondering if being a member will continue to be worth the high annual cost.

Top: 21 Royal Street sign photo by Tours Departing Daily. Visit their site for more fantastic Disneyland photography!

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