Comments for Walt Disney World and Maker Studios to host first-ever #DisneySide All-Star Creator Conference in January 2015


  1. Joan Davis

    I have tried repeatedly to find information on the upcoming DisneySide All Star Creator Conference on January 15-18th, 2015. Even Disney has not heard of it. Can you help with any information? We would like to attend as spectators. Are there tickets to be purchased and can the public attend.

    Thank you.
    Joan Davis

  2. Max F

    I have also tried to get information on this conference and have come up with nothing. I even called Disney directly and they could not find anything about it. When I tried to call the hotel where it is supposed to be held they also couldn’t give me information. I think stampy owes us an explanation!!

  3. Meme

    It is going on now, I don’t believe it is open to the public.

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