Peter Pan’s Flight debuts new themed queue taking Walt Disney World guests through the Darlings’ house

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Recently Disney World quietly debuted a new addition to the classic Peter Pan’s Flight dark ride, letting guests into the Darlings’ house while waiting in the attraction’s queue.

Taking the place of the former bathrooms in Fantasyland, the new Peter Pan’s Flight queue features the Darlings’ nursery with the beds of John, Wendy, and Michael as well as a few of Peter Pan’s own touches.

Here are some pictures of the queue:

The calendar on the wall in the bedroom marks the date of December 27, 1904. This is the year that James Barrie wrote novel Peter Pan and the date, December 27, is when the play opened at the Duke of York’s Theater in London.

From what we have been told there will be interactive elements coming to the queue but none have been seen just yet and no date has been given when it will be in effect. We did notice some blank spaces, projectors, and unused speaker meshes that seem to indicate more is on the way.


The new queue is well themed and air conditioned with lots of details to enjoy while waiting in the ever-present long line for Peter Pan’s Flight. Make sure you pick the stand by queue option to make sure you get to see this great queue as the FP+ option skips this queue all together.


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    I’m thinking that FastPass+ riders will miss this part like they do at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride.

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      I’m wondering the same thing. Haven’t been since Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opened, but am actually more interested in the queue than the ride itself. For Peter Pan’s Flight it’s both. Guess I’ll see in a month.

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        The queue is better for mine train then the ride itself

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        It’s overstating things to say that the queue for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is better than the ride. It’s not like Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye or Twilight Zone or Haunted Mansion where the spaces you move through before getting on the ride vehicles are intrinsic to the attraction experience. In the Mine Train, it’s a fun space with some cute games that replicates some of the locales of the movie. The ride itself is the better part.

        It would be interesting to see this queue firsthand, since this is my least favourite version of the attraction I’ve been on (compared to Anaheim, Paris, and Tokyo). Like the extended queue for the Little Mermaid ride, this might help enrich what is a more disappointing ride.

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    Now that’s an improvement–But, don’t we already go through the bedroom in the ride?

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      Exactly my first thought…

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        you pull a u – turn or “u-ie” at the dresser….hence why you see it twice. It’s only logical 😉

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    This will also give guest a chance to stand in some A/C during the summer months.

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    So apparently the rumor is that once the huge cost overruns for Fastpass plus and related programs was recognized, they cancelled the interactive queue project. But since the elements were already built for Big Thunder and installed for Pooh, those went forward. But since they were only designed, and not actually built for Peter Pan, they just finished that project with no interactive elements. Still a nice addition? Sure. Could have been better? Yeah. Think about some sort of interaction with Tinker Bell in the children’s rooms, or Pan’s shadow. That could have been really cool.

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      Word is that interactive features will be there soon.

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      So apparently I don’t believe a word you just said because you don’t name a legitimate source who has insider knowledge of Disney’s MyMagic+ finances. I hate rumors like these.

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        You’re right. I don’t name a legitimate source. Guess I wasn’t looking to get you to believe me. Guess we’ll have to see if what I (and apparently the author of this article) believe is correct.

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          The rumor came from Jim Hill. So it’s pretty not a rumor about the overrun on costs caused budget costs to the interactive elements.

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          Having just seen the interactive features open to the public, I’d say that your ‘rumor’ was just something you made up.

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    It was always seeing that mile-long outdoor queue that scared me off the ride on busy days.
    I wondered what was going to happen to the old Fantasyland bathrooms after Rapunzel (which are pretty nice), but this is a good useful salvage of space.

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    Any video coming?

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    Did they get rid of the coat of arms that were on the old queue?

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    This looks really off, when you are in the queues at Disneyland every inch is themed to be theme appropriate. In this there is a modern ceiling and lighting on what looks like a set from a children’s show. I’d rather they had kept everything cohesive and not this Busch Gardens level stuff. I mean it’s cute but it’s not Disney quality.

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      What are you talking about comparing it to Disneyland? Disneyland has the WORST queue lines. Just chain links and nothing. Little Mermaid and Pirates are perfect examples. This is MUCH better than what was there before.

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    I’m so happy that they did this! I remember waiting in the line for this ride and it being so miserable. It was always really hot and very boring. Now this that this is here, kids wont be as bored. But am I the only one who thinks it’s too small for interactive areas? It looks kind of cramped. Plus I’d rather have them update the ride so it’s like the Alice ride in Disneyland. The ride itself needs more updating than the waiting area. Also, is there going to be a video. I would really like to see what it’s like to walk through.

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    I feel like they were putting the cart before the horse. The ride should be updated before the queue (unless if the ride has been updated and I just haven’t been back to WDW since it has.)

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