Comments for Baymax & Hiro fist bump their way into Walt Disney World as “Big Hero 6” characters begin meeting theme park guests

big hero 6

Credit: Disney


  1. Marc Morini

    I want to do the fist bump with Baymax, this is cool.

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  3. Josh

    That Hiro isn’t Japanese and FAR too old looking. It has got to be a hard face character to cast because in the film Hiro looks more caucasian than asian.

    1. Victor

      Are you SURE Hiro isn’t Japanese? Are you suuurree? Because I’m pretty close to him. In fact are you even sure he’s not even half Caucasian like Hiro himself? And in real life, Asian genes would be dominant over Caucasian in phenotypes. And don’t even complain about not looking 14 when most of the face characters are in their twenties. No one says anything when Peter Pan looks like he passed puberty or Snow White not looking 13. There’s been way too many complaints for Hiro.

    2. Virgil

      We met these two at Disneyland and were happy with the meet and greet. My only problem with Hiro is the costume choice. He did have an armor that was used in the movie; his current costume looks like clothes any college student would wear.

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